Las Vegas Hermes tPF Meeting?

  1. Not sure if it's allowed to post this here ... i hope it's okay ... I'm just wondering if you ladies would like to have a Hermes get-together in Las Vegas one of these days? Las Vegas is such a tourist destination that there's always cheap tickets going there. We can leave our pets and kids at home with our husband/SO/sitters and come out to have a girls-night-out weekend in Las Vegas. We can go watch shows (Cirque du Soliel's "KA" sounds good), eat at great and affordable restaurant off the Strip (or on if you guys want), go clubbing, and best of all ... HERMES shopping~~~!!

    What do you ladies think?
  2. :crybaby: :hysteric: [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Lilach you should come too!!!! It will be fun!!!:nuts: And we should also have a Hermes tPF meeting in Europe:yes:
  4. I would love it! IN fact, a bunch of us have been nagging about one giant PF meeting in Vegas one of these days! Love the idea!
  5. LOVE this idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts: :yahoo: :wlae: :jammin:
  6. Love this idea!! lilach...why not come to Vegas?
  7. Count Shopmom in!!!!! .....unless I jinx it.....seems they put all the goodies out after I LEFT!!!!!! :shrugs: PF GTG would be complete without you.....:heart:
  8. oh so sweet of you! well i have to think about that hard it is 12 hours flight from germany and over 18 if i have to come from dubai so wow that would be a tough one. but well we will see of course i would love to come and party hard with all of you :wlae: :heart:
  9. When????
  10. AAAHHHH! You ladies are a dream! Count me in! I'll help with planning. Let's not just make this "talk" ... let's do this! This will be the first of its kind.
  11. As far as I'm concerned, I'm affraid of flying, OK now I've said it, so that leaves me out....:crybaby: unless you all want to come to Rome?!?!LOL:wlae:
  12. ok if i decide to go i go to rome first knock you out wrap you inside a 80cm birkin and schlep you over to las vegas ;)
  13. OK, I might just make it under the circumstance! Give me a double Scotch aswell, just in case...!LOL:shame:
  14. that sounds like a great idea!!
  15. And for anyone who is cheap like me, we can share the room!! I don't snore, i promise~:yes: