Las Vegas Hermes store?

  1. i'm traveling to LV on business in a few weeks- any one been to the LV store at the bellagio there? is it nice? are the SAs reasonable? do they have a good selection? i phoned today, and "steve" told me that most bags are only available ona waiting list... a bit snooty.
  2. I've been there a few times. It's a pretty nice boutique. I didn't go inside to shop. Just wanted to sniff around little. I didn't see too many bags. But then again, I didn't ask. It's worth a try, though....
  3. I got my Medor watch at that boutique. Everyone was very nice, very friendly, and helpful. Probably best to just show up; if you are there then that shows "intent to purchase".

    I have never been to another Hermes boutique except for that one; I thought they had a very large selection of goods. I was only looking at watches, shoes, and belts though.

    Have fun. :biggrin:
  4. Agree that they will be friendlier in person. JUst show up.
  5. I'm going to be there from the 26th to the 30th and when I phoned Steve also picked up the phone, he sounds VERY snooty, he told me the same. I responded "You are in a hotel I didn't know that people stood in Hotels for 2 years just to wait for bags, shouldn't you wait on your hotel guests first?" He had nothing to say but to stop in MAYBE they'll have one in at the time. I'm going to make sure he's not going to wait on me when I visit the store.
  6. You rock Baggaholic!!! :lol: Love your response! :smile:
  7. Geez you know,.. these people the nerves!!! :mad:
  8. Agreed! I love your response! It doesn't make sense for the stores in Vegas to have a waitlist because so many of the populations are made up by tourists... I will be going to Vegas in end of May so I will definitely check it out
  9. The Las Vegas store was my first Hermes experience. We went there for our anniversary and my dh bought me a bracelet from which started my obsession. :lol: The SA that helped us was very friendly.
  10. Hmmmm....
    Baggaholic, please let us know what you find in the boutique there and about your experience.
  11. I also forgot to say the Las Vegas store didn't seem to have as much selection as say the SCP or SF store. But then I was there a few years ago so maybe they have more now. DH and I are hoping to go to Vegas in June so we will see. :amuse:
  12. it will be a blast just to roam the store and fondle the goods...!!! i love gigi's new birkin (in another thread)- how exactly do you pronounce "chevre"? i don't want to sound like a fool if i dare to ask about it!
  13. ^^I know. I am always intimidated at Hermes or Louis Vuitton to say the names of the purses, even if I know them, for fear of pronouncing them wrong! :shame: I need to take French lessons! :lol:
  14. Just say "Shev" with a short "e." :smile:
  15. Will do Green Tea! I'm gonna take pictures in the store a la Bryan boy! You think they'll let me? Ha we should just go around to all our Hermes stores that we come by and do that!!! :lol: That's a good way to steal a glimps of what's in the store!