Las Vegas Hermes SA anyone?

  1. I will be going to Las Vegas next month and am planning on TRYING to make an H buy.:wlae:

    Anyone have a SA recomendation?
  2. Yes, I'll pm you...
  3. Thanks Rose! I'll give them a call.... YAY, Las Vegas Hermes here I come!:yahoo:
  4. Hi Ladies, I am going to Las Vegas too. Could someone PM me with SA recommendation? Thanks.
  5. Oh I wish I would have gotten her name. I was in there about two weeks ago and a Scottish lady (I think that was her accent???) helped me. She was so wonderful.
  6. Happy :heart: Day!

    Peanutbabycakes is there right now!! I would wait until she comes home and then ask her all about her trip. Good luck finding your bags!!

    What happens in Vegas could come home and be your favourite bag for life! (<--- shameless take off from their ads.... :rolleyes: )
  7. Josh Taylor ..... He is a doll.
  8. Thanks Kat.
  9. JOSH is great, I love him!