Las Vegas Factory Store

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  1. So I am going to be making another trip to the factory store today. After my first trip there last week I am dying to go back and find a wallet to go with my sig lunch tote. Anyone have any recomendations on what kind of wallet I should look to get? I also want to get some charms but I am not sure as to where I would put them on my bag. I know there is a place on the inside zipper that I can put one but where can I put one on the outside of my bag? This is my bag

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. You could attach the charm to the hangtag! That's where I attach a lot of my charms!
  3. i love your bag!
  4. I have a book tote, and I just attached a key fob to the leather ring that holds the end of the strap down. It took some getting on there, but that works if you don't want to change it too often! I could clip charms onto the ring part too, if I wanted.
  5. I know you'll find a cute charm that catches your eye, just hang it to the hangtag chain. Get a wallet of another color that is bright and cheery like red, blue, pink, yellow to give your bag that pop of color for contrast. Have fun! I go to the Las Vegas outlets, too. Not as much lately as even I get burned out. lol Takes a lot of effort to keep up with the latest & greatest.
  6. Oh so you live in Vegas too huh? Well I actually live in Henderson but same difference lol...I could use A coach buddy that is close by :smile: I can't wait until my hubby wakes up so he can watch the baby and I can go shopping :smile:
  7. Yea, I live in Vegas. One day we'll have to get together. I've banned myself from the outlets for a month or so just to get back to reality. Besides it's hard to find what I am looking for, mainly legacy bags.
  8. Haha my hubby thinks he banned me lil does he know lol...He thinks I am going through a purse phaze..hmmm don't think so. So how old are you? Married kids? I am 26 married and 3 kids my baby is 8 weeks old today :smile:
  9. If you like to be matchy, this Bleecker compact clutch also comes in a chocolate version with gorgeous pink interior (I bought black since it matches most of my bags and I hate to change wallets). Mine was around $110. And I too put my charms on the hangtag...they hang nice and low so they are easily seen and stay out of the way.

    Have fun shopping!! Outlet shopping is the BEST!!
    IMG_1575.JPG IMG_1576.JPG IMG_1579.JPG
  10. That is a really cute bag. I purchased a similar tote at an outlet last year - it was british tan leather, really nice bag. Congrats, and I'm sure you can find a charm or two to hang from the little chain on the hangtag.
  11. I am so disapointed :sad: I went to the store and they hardly had any charms :tdown: I guess I will have to check out the Coach store in the mall or go to the other Factory store.... so sad....I was so hoping to come home and have something to share with you all.
  12. you could always get the hamptons sig wallet that matches outlet has them on sale for $95.20...
  13. Yeah I looked at those I was kinda hoping they would have something cute in Pink since it's my fav color...oh well I will search ebay I guess.
  14. love your new bag congrats
  15. Better luck next time with the charms & wallet. Your bag is very nice.