Las Vegas anyone?? MEET??

  1. How many of you live in Vegas or will be there in April?? We should schedule a meet. I will be there Saturday, April 21st. Anyone else??
  2. Sounds like a GREAT excuse to go to Vegas I LOVE Vegas if I could go I would be there in a heartbeat!!
  3. My hubby and I had talked about going there for part of our anniversary trip...don't know when we'll be there yet!
  4. awww shoot ... I will be there june 28th & december 13th :graucho:
  5. Man, would love to go, but am supposed to have a college reunion in April... we'll see. Could do Vegas instead... let bygones be bygones... eventhough...
  6. We won't be out there until May. I hope you have a great time!:drinks:
  7. anyone else??
  8. dang it! i'll be there the last week of march...
  9. wow.. actually may be there then...LOL..If I am..totally up for a meetup!
  10. Me! :wlae: Me! :wlae:We are planning a trip out there in April. I think it might be around that time. I will keep in touch. It would be fun to meet at any of the LV stores! I am in! Yaay!!!
  11. Aww... I'll be there in early August!
  12. too bad i'll be there from Feb 13-15.