LAs Vegas and Chicago - nice places to shop

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  1. Hi girls..
    I've been to NYC and Miami and in both I found some places with good deals (woodbury and the one with the aligator, what's the name?? hehe). Of course I bought also at saks, chanel, jimmy.. bal harbour/Fith (and I HATE buying on ebay because I've been fooled once). So, are there any good outlets to go nearby? Also, what are the best shops around? If anyone could give me good tips (also as to places to go), that'd be nice! I'm so sorry if I shouldn't ask this kind of stuff, but everyone here knows so much... thanks!
  2. Chicago main "deals" are on state street towards the theater district:

    there is a TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Filenes Basement, and the old Marshal Fields, which is now Macys - still carries some of the good brands.
    Also, outside of Chicago there are some premium outlets. There is Juicy, Coach, Armani, St. John, and a couple of other good ones.

    Las Vegas has a couple of different outlet malls in the area, some with really good stores like Dolce and Gabanna. But I am sure someone will post about Vegas in a minute. :yes:
  3. ^ the premium outlets are actually in Aurora. Not as good as Woodbury but it is the best one IMO. Most of the designer boutiques are on or near Michigan Ave. Cute boutiques are also in the Bucktown neighborhood.
  4. If you're looking for an out let here in Vegas, The Las Vegas Premium Outlet, is a great place to go. Here's the link:

    If you want retail, Fashion Show Mall, Ceasar's Palace, Planet Hollywood, & The Bellagio are awesome too.

    HTH..happy shopping : )
  5. Las Vegas has three outlet centers. One is Primm about an hour south of LV. The NMLC is pretty good. They also have a Nike, Tod's, Burberry, William Sonoma, Banana Republic, and more. There is a second outlet mall just south of the strip. I *believe* the Off Fifth is there. I haven't been there in awhile. There is a third outlet mall near downtown LV- this one has a Zegna, Theory, etc.

    Las Vegas also has 2 Zappos outlets, but that's hit or miss. One is on Maryland Parkway and the other is on Dean Martin (just south of the strip).

    Lastly, there are some really nice stores in Vegas. The Forum Shops at CP, the Fashion Mall, Wynn, and Bellagio all have the best shops - Manolo, Prada, Gucci, Barneys, etc. It's shopping heaven in Vegas!
  6. ^^Hey, thanks for the tip about checking out Bellagio. I didn't realize they have all those boutiques in there:smile:
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  8. There is another Premium outlet not too far from Chicago, about an hour to hour and a half. Its in Michigan City, Indiana, called Lighthouse Place. Both have the staple stores - Coach, Ann Taylor, Gap, Banana Republic. Michigan City has Burberry while Aurora has Ferragamo, Armani, Tahari, Theory, and Sony.

    Also, if you are shopping in the Chicagoland area, be prepared for the sales tax. I believe in Chicago it is almost 10%. The outlying suburbs are cheaper, but not by much around 7 to 9%.
  9. The Palazzo (Las Vegas) has some great shops, i.e., Barneys, Bottega Veneta, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Ferragamo, Fendi, Lambertson Truex, Van Cleef & Arpels, etc. The Venetian is next door and has Mikimoto, Movado, etc.

    From the Palazzo you're right next door to the boutiques at the Wynn and across the street from the Fashion Show Mall. Great location for endless shopping....

    And as others have mentioned, the stores in Caesar's Palace are also great to visit and shop til you drop.

    The Premium Outlet (downtown Las Vegas) has some of the following outlets: Ferragamo, David Yurman, St. John, Tahari, Kate Spade, Catharine Malandrino, etc.

    Have fun shopping!
  10. ^ITA with you!
  11. Actually, Cook County (including the city of Chicago and most of the suburbs) has a sales tax of 10.25%, which, thanks to our local government, is the highest sales tax in the country.
  12. Wow, is it over 10% now. I moved from Chicago a couple of years ago and I thought the sales tax was bad then. I used to shop at lot in the western burbs becuase the taxes were always in the 7% range.
  13. The sales tax here kills any shopping for me! =(
  14. 1.) The Las Vegas Premium Outlets, address: 875 S. Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89106. This is the Las Vegas Outlet Mall closest to the center of the tourist attractions of Las Vegas...and quite possibly the one closest to your hotel. It's just north of the famous "Las Vegas Strip!"
    2.) The Las Vegas Outlet Center, address: 7400 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89123. This mall is the 2nd closest to the Las Vegas Strip. It's on Las Vegas Boulevard...which is the very same street that The Strip is on---but just a few miles farther south.
    3.) The Fashion Outlets at Las Vegas, address: 32100 Las Vegas Blvd South, Primm, NV 89019. If you're driving to Las Vegas from Los Angeles via Interstate 15, you can't miss this mall---it's very visible next to the Primm Valley Resort Hotel soon after you cross the Nevada state line.

    Other stores would be the Fashion Show Mall, The Desert Passage mall at Planet Hollywood, The Forum Shop @ Caesar's palace...gosh..everywhere on the strip would be good..but the best deals for designer brands...HIT the OUTLETS :smile:
    Happy Shopping...

    ETA: I found the addresses posted above online
  15. Ow, girls, you are AMAZING with the tips! Thank you so much, this reaaaally helped!
    I'm staying at the Bellagio in LV and in Affinia in Chicago! Any places to go out clubbing or dining with a chance of bumping into celebs? LOL