Las Vegas 50% OFF KA cirque du soleil tickets!!

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    the link on this site above didn't work for me, so I called:
    1-866-774-7117 and mention rate code KATZOOPROMO.

    This offer is available on Wednesday/Thursday's shows (7PM & 9:30PM) and Friday's (9:30 PM) through June.

    The seats are good and I just got 2 of them for $137.50!! I was going to buy them yesterday from the MGM site and it would have cost me $275.

    Damn I love the internet!!

    Oh one more thing, tickets are non-refundable!!
  2. That show is pretty good. Not the best Cirque but it was nice. I think our seat were too close to the front. We actually had front row. We couldn't really see the whole stage. Sometimes seats can be TOO good.
  3. yeah that's what the lady told us, so we are in row P, section 103.

    We went and saw Le Reve............OMG it was soooo AWESOME! It's at the Wynn and our seats there were good too, row F or G, can't remember. But yeah I heard for all Cirque shows you never want to be in the front. Otherwise you spent the whole time staring up and get a neck cramp!
  4. I LOVED this show. It was beautiful! We really wanted to see O but it was sold out till January. But KA was def awesome
  5. You HAVE to go back and see O. It is incredible!! It was my favorite. Mysterie is good as well. For traveling shows my favorite is Allegria. I have seen a ton of Cirque if you can't tell! LOL
  6. I know we really want to see it...Don't know when the next Vegas trip will be but when we do we'll definitely get tix for it if it is still on
  7. we were going to get "O" tix but dang those are expensive, $165 each for the good seats!
  8. oooh! I loooovveee Cirque, I saw Dralion in Rotterdam, it was soooo amazing. I'm always amazed at the really young ones who are so strong, and flexible and also talented!

    ETA- I want to run away and join Cirque de Soliel hehe :smile:
  9. I gotta catch one of those shows. I've been to Vegas so many times, but have never watched any shows. I really wanna see 'O'.
  10. Oooh another cirque fan!! I love Allegria too. O is definitely my favorite. Ka is very cool though, and I call it great starter cirque because it is a bit easier to understand.

    I got this in my email and was going to post it, you were too quick!! :biggrin:
  11. Ka was fun one of my favorite performances. I have to recommend Mystere for those getting into Cirque. It's pretty easy to get tickets to and it's got a great atmosphere :biggrin:
  12. Saw Corteo in DC, front row right by the steps and we just LOVED it!
  13. if you ever want tickets to cirque, just pm me. my cousin eats fire in it, and he can get me some discounted or even free. but im nor sure where the show would be since he performs from rome, to vegas!
  14. has anyone seen zumanity at nyny? looks crazy!
  15. moving to Deals and Steals. . . .