LA's Tofu Festival... who's going?

  1. The LA's Tofu Festival is this weekend! :nuts: Who's coming??!!

    Welcome to the LA Tofu Festival August 12th - 13th, 2006, Downtown LA.

    I never been there but I heard it's huge and Iron Chef will be there too. I'm going there for the FOOD!! :graucho:

    Watch for a hungry Asian girl with a B-bag black First! :wlae:

    Tofu does your body good... :love:
  2. I will be there!! Look for a white woman with a bordeaux city...eating all the tofu she can get her hands on..
  3. Alright!! I'll attack you from behind! :yahoo:

    Are you going to stuff your bordeaux City with all the tofu? :graucho:
  4. Yes, so don't squish it or the tofu will come out the top!! I went last year and the year the before, hubby was in a martial arts demonstration...I was eating the whole time and missed it..:shame:
  5. Wow, really? This is my first time! :shame:
  6. if only i were in LA i'd totally be there....but i'm stuck clear across the country :crybaby:
  7. Aww... we would love to have you there JC! :sad:
  8. Irish gal... since uve been there before... how was it?? was the food yummy? and was it super packed? did u have a good time
  9. Yes, it was fun, there are about 15 vendors (maybe more or less) and you buy coupons that you use to get your tofu. There are different types of tofu, curry, vege, etc. Yummy. They also have demonstrations of dance, drums, martial arts, etc. It was not horribly crowded when I went.
  10. How much food tickets did you buy? I'm thinking of buying $25 worth of it but then I might end up buying more thru out the day. :roflmfao:

    I'm hungry already!
  11. I think I bought about $10 to start, some things are $1, some $2 and so on. So, buy a lower amount that $25 and if you want more buy more coupons. I love tofu, and they have vendors who make some great dishes. As I remember they also give you receipes if you ask..
  12. Oh... ok! :yes: They give out recipes too? That's so great! :yahoo: