Larry King - Tammy Faye Baker, guest

  1. Did anyone catch the preview last night of the Tammy Faye Baker episode? The full show will air tonight. It was so very sad! I had heard she had cancer but had not seen her in a while. She is so thin at first I didn't recognize her. When it was over I just lay in bed crying for her. It made me realize how lucky I am to be healthy, also so many things have been going on in my life w/ bills, things breaking that I having nothing to whine about. She went on to talk about her faith in God. Even though it was sad and depressing it was something to see to make me appreciate life and that its not all about buying the current handbag, etc.
  2. yes i saw the preview on Anderson Cooper. I got so sad. I couldn't believe that was her. She said how much pain she was in it was just horrible.

    i'm gonna try and catch it tonight
  3. I like her. She is so positive & upbeat. I enjoy her when she's on LK, she's brutally honest.
  4. I'm glad you told us about this show. I'm going to be sure to record it. I knew she was very sick. It will be sad to watch her but I want to hear what she has to say. :sad:
  5. i am watching her now on LK.. bless her and roe. such a challenge for them both. she was always such a character and to see her in pain and so sick is so very tragic.
  6. God bless her! She put that makeup on & got on out there. I have to admire her!
  7. Its just heartbreaking. I hope her suffering ends soon and peacefully.
  8. My grandmother was telling me about this and how she weighs somewhere around 65 pounds.. it's really saddening but I have to give her kuddos for being such a tough woman! Imagine all that she's been through!
  9. Here here.
  10. Yes, I was telling someone here @ work about the show. Her thoughts were "why would she go on tv looking like that". I thought she was very brave. To actually see someone dying of cancer rather than just hear about it really opened my eyes to life/death.
  11. this was so sad. but i loved how she was upbeat and kept her faith while being in such pain. my grandfather died of leukemia in 1991 after 10 years of living with it. when he was diagnosed the doctors told him he had a year to live and he live for 10. i guess its true the body can't live without the mind. its all about how you handle situations.
  12. It was heartbreaking to watch.
  13. I just watched it on youtube. So very sad. Despite being so sick and being in so much pain she still has so much strength and has stayed true to her faith. She is an inspiration.
  14. I just got a CNN breaking news alert that Tammy died yesterday.

    Poor thing. :crybaby:
  15. May she rest in peace