Larry King Live

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  1. I forgot how good this is!

    If the same celebrity is being interviewed on Extra and Larry King Live, I'd rather watch Larry King Live. He conducts in depth interviews that are in no way puff pieces. He frankly discusses issues without being sensationalistic about it.

    He talks about things that people actually care about.

    Even when he has multiple guests, he gives them all equal time to talk and doesn't side with one particular person.

    After deaths or tragedies, he'll have multiple people on giving their perspectives.

    I remember watching it when the cast of Friends was on. Then I got back into watching Larry King after Steve Irwin died. Then I was watching after Anna Nicole Smith died. I watched after the Virginia Tech tragedy.
  2. Paris is on tonight!
  3. What time is he on?
  4. ^^I think 9pm eastern time. :smile:
  5. I :heart:Larry King. He is by far my fav talk show host!
  6. Ugh.. I missed the Paris interview. :crybaby:
  7. They'll show it again.
  8. Paris Hilton Speaks: 'I've Been a Little Immature'

    WEDNESDAY JUNE 27, 2007 10:00 PM EDT
    By Stephen M. Silverman
    Paris Hilton has a new mantra: Change is for the better.

    "I've been a little immature in the past and made some wrong choices. But they made me who I am today," the hotel heiress, who walked out of jail Tuesday morning, said in her first TV interview on CNN's Larry King Live Wednesday.

    "I felt like this is a new beginning for me," said Hilton. "There's just so much more to me than what people think."

    Advancing a message she first began to spread while still behind bars (and continuing in her interview with PEOPLE on Tuesday), Hilton, 26, said she now appreciates "things I took for granted" and plans to use her fame "in a good way." She called jail "a very traumatic experience, but I do feel God makes everything happen for a reason."

    Hilton told King that her incarceration allowed her "time to figure out who I am." Asked if jail changed her, she replied, "Yeah, definitely. I have a new outlook on life."

    To survive the ordeal, particularly in the beginning, Hilton said, "I went with the motto, 'Don't serve time, let the time serve you.' "

    She also told of complete strangers showing up during visiting hours claiming to be relatives so they could meet her (they were not permitted inside) and that she didn't really hear what was being said about her in the outside world.

    Growing guarded when asked about her friend, Britney Spears, Hilton said, "Sweet girl, a good mom." Admitting that she knows Lindsay Lohan ("I wish the best for her," Hilton offered), she later said, "I don't have any friends in rehab." (Lohan is currently in Promises, a treatment facility.) On the topic of being married, Hilton would like to someday – now isn't the right time, she said – plus have children, she said: "I love kids." As for the right guy, she said, he's "out there somewhere." She shrugged off the notion that she might be high-maintenance for a man, describing herself as "easy to get along with."

    Asked by King why she's doing interviews, Hilton, who spoke quietly throughout the low-key hour, said, "I just want to let people know what I went through ... something I've really grown from."

    Of the constant attention paid to her, King wondered, "Why you?"

    "I have no idea," Hilton replied. "I'm just living my life."

    Hilton, who says she read the Bible to pass time in jail, hesitated when asked for her favorite Bible passage, but said she read the book every day. "I don't know if I have a favorite," she said.

    Raised a Catholic, Hilton said she will now go to Mass.

    After taping the interview earlier on Wednesday (before it aired), King was interviewed on CNN's Paula Zahn Now about his personal reactions to Hilton, specifically how sincere he found her claim that she's turning over a new leaf.

    King labeled her situation "a double-edge sword. There's a kind of denial over having done anything wrong. ... She thinks she got a raw deal. On the other hand, she thinks she used jail to her benefit."

    Asked to predict Hilton's future, King replied, "I think we shall see what we shall see."

  9. 'Don't serve time, let the time serve you.'

    Or try to get out after less than 48 hours and go back sobbing. Whatever works. I'd been hoping King would be a little more outspoken in his views -- he's usually quite opinionated in interviews, not so much this time around.

  10. i know me too! anderson cooper should have done the interview.
  11. My dream would have been an Anderson Cooper, with commentary by Jon Stewart. Or, like, George Strombolopolous, but I'd never be that lucky.

    (I couldn't believe the network that tried to interview Tommy Chong and expected a serious reply.)
  12. I respectfully disagree. LK doesn't even bother to do his homework, he does absolutely no research and he doesn't ask followup questions.

    For these reasons, Paris Hilton was able to give her prepared talking points and not be challenged. Never done drugs? Oh really?

    Here's another example of bad interviewing... When LK asked Paris what she wanted to change about herself, all she could say was "My voice gets too high when I'm nervous." Ask a follow-up question, Larry! Make the interview relevant!

    Larry King doesn't know what ADD is?

    NYCBelle is right. Anderson Cooper should have done the interview. :yes:
  13. my jaw dropped when she told him she didn't do drugs. so all those pics of her smoking pot - what were those - candy cigarettes? and she said she wasn't into drinking? wha?
    but my favorite was when she could not say what her favorite Bible verse was - you could just see the gears going on in her head "note to self, pick out favorite Bible verse for next person who asks this question..." I'm sure the new publicist will do it and type it out in a memo for her in the morning.
  14. Its on again and she is reading notes she wrote in prison. Does anyone think she looked "waxy" ? Like she got botox or what not. She doesn't have any expression. She is just a simple Catholic girl she says. She feels bad for the inmates and she wants to open a home for when they get out and transition. :roflmfao:
  15. I haven't read the Bible since camp (it was a Christian camp) and I know my favorite passage: The one that starts "To everyting, there is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven."

    (I must confess, though, until I looked it up I started writing out the lyrics to The Byrds' song. ...I like that song)