Larry & Dannielynn Hope

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  2. Wow, she looks like a hot mess.
  3. She looks happy, but her face looks really vaseliney. I just hope she's not doing all this to avoid Larry Birkhead, he'll find out sooner or later if Danielynn is his daughter or not.
  4. They look awkward together..KWIM? Their body language or something, I can't really describe it.

    Those false eyelashes look like they're going to come alive & jump off her face. Adorable baby though!
  5. What's up w/ her shiny face, and wayyyy too many false eyelashes???
    I hope she finds some peace soon.
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: ! Tooooooo funny!

    The water there is so beautiful and what a cute little round-headed baby!:p
  7. I tend to think she's trying to escape the sadness of losing her son...seems like so much so fast! Looks like she isn't as thin as she used to be either, wonder if she's still using Trimspa? I guess we'll all find out soon enough who the true father is but I don't think it's Howard K....the baby is adorable!!!!
  8. YOu know I am sorry. I was feeling bad for her but now I think she is a total nut and heartless. If one of my kids GOD FORBID died less then three weeks ago, I could not get all dressed up and have a wedding/commitment ceremony. KWIM? Her son is not even buried yet. I am sorry. The jumping off the boat, laying in the water posing. Just seems like she isnt grieving that much.
  9. LOL that one pic looks like P diddy in the background! LOL Oh and am I the only one who things Howard K. Stern is kinda hot?
  10. um yes :shame: :upsidedown:
  11. Yeah i saw that too! lol - a larger version of...:graucho:

    It's certainly odd that she's having a commitment ceremony so soon after her recent tragedy. :sad:

    But, if that's how she deals with things and that's how she keeps it all together (or appears to) then so be it.:s
    Think she's looking old too...

    Cute baby though!:yes:
  12. She's a disater. The Bahama's looks nice though. The whole thing is bizarre. I don't think her lawyer is the father. Don't know why, just a feeling. I hope she gets it together.
  13. Why does her face look like that?? WTF! Did she really name her baby Danielynn???:wtf: Sounds like a a Britney baby name.
  14. i quite agree
  15. wow, I so wish I was in that crystal clear water :sad:

    hmmm, her face looks like crap and I always knew they had a freaky relationship, but why did it take so long to surface? also, I dont think the baby is dosent even resemble him...even though shes only a few weeks old.