LaRok Sample Sale in LA

  1. I just read this off the LA Times...

    LaRok Sample Sale
    2750 Fruitland Ave, Vernon
    (323) 584-3500

    Thursday 10/4, 10am to 2pm then 4pm to 6pm
    Friday 10/5, 11am to 7pm
    Saturday 10/6, 10am to 3pm

    Has anyone ever been to their sample sale before?
  2. I went to their last sample sale. If you really LOVE their designs you may find something you like. The prices are below wholesale, but still... I bought a top for $20 something. There were lots of tops in the $20-$40 range, dresses, sweatercoats, tank tops.... I would go again, but in a while... I wouldn't run to it.