LARKIE,get on your laptop and tell us.......

  1. What are you wearing today? We are all going into withdrawel. Even though many others keep us amused with their new and wonderful bags, we still need to know whats on your body,feet and hands?:confused1::confused1::confused1::okay:
  2. awww!! I MISS LARKIE! WHERE ARE YOU! tell us where you're in now! show us what you've been wearing toooo and any new goodies?? :graucho:
  3. Awwww, I miss Larkie too! I'd want to know about fashion stuff, but MORE importantly, about the food! Food is such a huge part of travel for me. LOL. Tell us what you're eating Larkie!
  4. This one!!!!! Tell us what's up. We do miss you!! Gerry:crybaby:
  5. she is on vacation in Asia somewhere the last time I spoke to her. =)
  6. Awwww we all miss Larkie so much :sad: But we know she is having lots of fun!!!

    Hope you feel better soon!!!
  7. Hehe...I miss Larkie too! She is my shopping guru, I am just buying up all of Sak's without her...hehe I'll blame her for my need to shop to fill the void without her.
  8. LOL...this is great Gerry!
    I also miss checking in on her...kinda lost now...

    Hope you are feeling better!
  9. hello hello hello! i finally have some down time to check my email and of course tpf! i also just posted at my challenge thread. i felt a little lost without all my chanel goodies at first, but prada is really a lifesaver when i'm on the road. i love their high tech fabric that makes their suits wrinkle free and appropriate for all seasons. so basically i pack up all of my standard black prada wear and i'm good for all business meetings. when not working i've been toting my dk brown prada nylon messenger bag. the zippered compartments make a great organization system for my digi cam, blackberry, notepad, etc. I really have to take my hat off to you ladies here in the heck do you get used to the heat and humidity here!! I would be terrified to wear my Chanel goodies since I feel drenched just standing still!

    As for the food, it has been totally amazing everywhere! I try to get out and eat street food as much as the gourmet stuff just so I have a try of everything. I'm eating like a pig but feel absolutely no remorse, haha! the heat must have ramped up my metabolism or something...but i'm eating 24/7! perhaps it's also b/c I do a lot more walking here than when I'm in LA.

    I've been so inspired by the Montagnards (mountain tribal ethnic minority groups) I encountered on my last hike the last few days. The colors in their clothes and accessories have inspired me to do better on my Chanel du jour challenge when I get back!
  10. So nice to hear from you! I had no idea there was so much heat and humidity where you are!