Largest Wristlet?

  1. The other day my mom fell in love with my wristlet (just a normal small brown sig wristlet). Christmas is coming up, and I thought it'd be nice to get her a one (especially since she never EVER splurges on herself!!). Having said that, she said that the one complaint she had about mine was that it's too small. She wants something longer and wider. What's the largest wristlet you guys have or know about? I'm okay with older lines (assuming I can find them on eBay). She's not interested in the little handheld pouches or demis or shoulderbags. Thanks so much in advance!
  2. [​IMG]
    I have the Chelsea sig. turnlock wristlet and it can hold quite a bit. You can fit a pack of gum, eye drops, lip balm, a mini skinny w/keys and you still have room. =)
  3. Hi,
    I have 2 of the Coach Gallery Wristlets...very, very roomy and the 2 little pockets on the front are fantastic. They retailed for $128 each and I won them on eBay for $29 and $25 and both were New with Tags!! I have attached the pics for you here. My mom is always trying to take my black one, LOL!!
    CoachGoldPurpleGalleryWrist11-07.jpg CoachGalleryWrist9-18-07.jpg
  4. I have the Legacy Thompson wristlet-It's the largest wristlet I have seen.
  5. I agree with this! :tup:

  6. fits as much as a pouch but it looks nicer and you can move the strap to look like a little purse if you want to...i think it's a cute detail :smile:
    They also have them in pebbled leather if you think she'd want leather more.
  7. Thanks everyone for your responses. The Artist, you grabbed those at a great price! :smile: When it's empty, is the wristlet kind of 'limp?' I'm worried about the turnlocks being a bit heavy and the wristlet not having enough structure to hold its shape. I'm imagining an unflattering flapping thing.
  8. No, on the Gallery wristlet, even when empty they hold thier structure very well. In fact, in those 2 pics I sent they are completely empty. Not even tissue inside....I cannot say enough about those wristlets and they are large. I did very well on the prices. With eBay you have to be patient and 'stalk' your wanted Coach Item, LOL!! I just won a Coach 'Ali', new with tags for $172 in natural leather. I expect her tomorrow or Tues.....I am beyond excited...cannot wait!! I 'stalked' Ms. Ali for awhile.
  9. This wristlet has one of the largest measurements. I LOVE this and hope to get it it supposed to also come in black, unless it's sold out. Very chic and goes with everything.

    [​IMG] Hamptons Vintage Leather Wristlet..
    Black, Bordeaux, or this color..I like the Bordeaux!

    Oh, the measurements are:8x5x2
  10. im glad someone asked this question i was too scared too...
  11. I have two, the Signature Stripe and the Bleecker. I am using now just the Bleecker because is bigger. It have two compartments and I carry there a miny skinny, all my cards, receipts, a lipstick, a lipgloss and I still have space for my cellphone! Here is some pics for you see each one:
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  12. I love the Bleecker capacity wristlet. I use mine all the time, and it holds my card case (or mini-skinny) with ID and credit cards, cell phone, lip gloss, keys and a few tissues. I like that it has two compartments, too.

  13. WOW! Good job! :tup:
  14. My black madison lurex wristlet held the following things when I took it to the TobyMac concert:
    eyeglass cleaning cloth
    lip gloss
    credit cards (3)
    car keys

    I was still able to close the top! Hope this helps!

    I have the small wristlet!