Largest Pegase to be carried as a carry-on on a plane?

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  1. SO I am thinking about investing ina Pegase instead of a Keepall bc the Peagse has wheels :idea:

    Anyway- would the 50 or 60 be the largest to bring as a carry on?

    Also if you have one do you love it? Does it hold up well?
  2. 60 for sure on transatlantic flights (not sure about domestic):smile:
  3. Cool, that's great!

    Irene, do you think the Pegase is a better buy for the money over a Keepall?
  4. Some airlines have 55 cm as the maxium carry-on length.
  5. May I suggest the new Monogram Bosphore with wheels (cant remember the actual name). Better design but it is good to get a smaller size. You do not want to run the risk of it being checked in and getting damage. I saw the Boshore one and it looked like it could pass as a carry on. Gd luck.
  6. ^^Thanks, I will ck it out on elux.
  7. I personally have a keepall and a pegase. But I tend to use the keepall more for weekend trips and if I'm traveling in a car. The pegase is good cause when you're tired you don't want to hold something around at an airport and the 60 fits in the overheads.
  8. Colleen, I think you would get more use out of keepall. You can always take it with you on car trips, overnight stays, etc. Pegase looks to me like a luggage you would only take on flights, you know? I don't know why.:shrugs: I do LOVE Pegase though!!! Some day I am going to get one (or two:lol:)!!! I've had my keepall 60 FOREVER (I check it when I fly almost always). It's a great bag! No regrets there!
    Good luck, dear! Let us know what you decide!:flowers:
  9. What about the Carryall? It seems to be more comfortable than the Keepall in terms of weight
  10. in my observation...I found the p50 to be more useful coz you can use them both in domestic and international...
  11. i have a carryall and love it to death, i love the design much more than the keepall, much mroe structure
  12. I've got the 60 and have taken it on as hand luggage but I think that's about the limit. The 70 is a really heavy case even empty so it really eats into your weight allowance.

    I adore my 60 it is roomy and so easy to move around I think you may get a little more into a keepall as it's not as structured but then you have to carry it and they get really heavy
    I have pics