Largest MJ bags...

  1. I am a fan of larger bags. I just tend to carry a lot of junk around. I have tried to pare down, but it never seems to work. I love the look of smaller bags, but I have to be realistic. I never end up using them all that often.

    I currently own a LE Stella in Black and a Bronze Stam. Love both of these. I am going to buy a Hudson (Hopefully, today!) and am wondering what other MJ styles are similar in size? I love Stella bags, but they are hard to find. I think the Sophia may be a bit small. Are there other styles (either older or current) that could work for me?

    Thanks for any info. I love these bags, but if I am going to invest the $$$, I don't want them sitting on my shelf, because they don't really work for me.

  2. The NEW tote was an old style similiar to the Stella ..with way cuter hardware.
    I also own a quilted N/S tote in black..thats pretty came in reg leather and patent
  3. Put your stuff in the Hudson first before buying..I know of soemone who thought it was too heavy a bag!I personally thought it wasnt but some do.Thats a prob with larger MJ bags..They tend to be VERY heavy.
  4. the diane tote is a really big bag - i frequently use it as a carry-on for business travel or as a briefcase, since it holds my laptop, plus files, wallet, and a book for the plane :smile: also, it has an expandable (by zipper) bottom gusset, so it can be made even larger.


    i bet you could find one on eBay, if the MJ boutiques don't still have any (i believe this bag was resort '05).
  5. I like the quilted tote. Been trying to find one too.
  6. I had the Diane tote..but it was too heavy for me to comfortably carry
  7. jill, was diane heavier to you than hudson? i can never tell, since i always carry diane loaded with files and a laptop, and any bag would be backbreaking under that load! :roflmfao:
  8. ^YEP! I found the Diane was TOO heavy..while the Hudson didnt bother me AT ALL!
  9. I have a Polina hobo that I brought with me on vacation, I have to say it was perfect! It was big enough to hold all my essentials while on the road, and secure enough to deter pickpockets... There's no structure to the bag, so it's slouchy when you wear it on your shoulder. It's an older style, so you can probably find one on eBay if you don't mind buying from there.

    Also, large MPs and Venetias are pretty large, as are some of the new resort MJs, specifically the mixed quilted studded logo MJ bags. However, some people don't like this style.
  10. Thanks, everyone. Great info. I am going to keep my eyes out for
    Stellas and the other, larger styles on e-bay. I may be in the minority, but I do like the Irina, which is a bigger style. I am hoping it will go on sale someday. I would definitely use that bag. I never thought of carrying my laptop in a MJ bag, but the Dianne might be a good idea. Too bad MJ doesn't make laptop bags. I was thinking that it is funny that I spent more $$$ on my Hudson than I did on my brand new laptop! Kind of scary...
  11. lol...yeah, i try really hard not to think like that - i'd go nuts!

    i put one of those neoprene sleeves inside diane, and my 15" laptop fits beautifully....almost like it was made for it! hmm...maybe marc WAS trying to make a laptop bag...LOL
  12. Boutiques said that styles from QUILTED SIGNATURE LEATHER (same line of Irina) are not moving. If department stores are experiencing the same problems, they will go on sale eventually.

    Don't compare the price of Hudson with your laptop, it's too scary. Enjoy. =)

  13. The Large Karolina is a pretty large bag as well. I measured mine, and it was approx. 17" long and 12" high, 6" wide. It's from 2005; I got mine off of eBay.
  14. ^ I saw that bag at Saks once, it's really huge!
  15. You can sometimes find that older style Sophia on ebay. I think that one is 19 inches wide by 12 inches tall (or something pretty close to that). There is a teal one listed now.