Largest LV 'City Bag' ?

  1. Hey! I am looking for a bag to use on my summer travels and the airline I fly with only allows upto the size of a keepall 45, so I was wondering if there was any 'City Bags' that were big enough so that I could use as an alternative to carry a change of clothing, flip flops etc in?

    What is the biggest 'City Bag' available?

    FYI, the largest bag I own at the moment is the Cabas Mezzo.

  2. The Neverfull GM is pretty big I hear..
  3. ^ ITA.. Neverfull GM would be the biggest...
  4. I recommend Neverfull GM as well. It's cheap and can be packed flat if you don't need it later in your travels.
  5. If not the neverfull, I hear that the trevi GM is pretty huge.
  6. The Griet is pretty gigantic, isn't it?
  7. Also, the Hampstead GM is pretty huge...(and lovely:heart:)
  8. But I do agree the Neverfull GM would be better for travelling (and cheaper..)
  9. neverfull GM :yes:
  10. Neverfull GM, plus because it only has a little bit of vachetta, you won't really have to worry about scuffing and the such that will happen on your travels. Of course, the damier one will be even more worry free.. :graucho:
  11. Neverfull GM coz it's so unstructured, you can keep on dumping your items in it.
  12. neverfull GM... hugeeeeee
  13. neverfull gm or maybe the palermo gm if you prefer something with a zipper.
  14. Try your mezzo, maybe it is large enough to use as a carryon. My much smaller Deauville worked fine as an overnight bag minus a change of shoes.