Largest Coach Tote?

  1. What is Coach's largest tote? I really want a HUGE honkin' thing in ruby patent leather. I don't mind if it is a previous season's bag. Anyone know the biggest they've made?
  2. I have a Clay Gigi, and that is a large tote. I think the biggest i have seen. Unfortunately it doesn't come in patent leather.
  3. I've seen HUGE Ergo totes at my outlet and they're way bigger than the gigi. I could fit one of my preschoolers in it!! *lol* Good luck finding a huge tote in ruby patent leather, though... I personally have never seen huge ones.
  4. The Eva Tote in Canvas and the Maude Ergo in Vachetta leather are both XXL. But neither is available in Red Patent.
  5. I don't think I have seen any really large totes in patent leather recently, I hope you find one that fits your needs!