Largest bag?

  1. What is the largest YSL bag made that can be used everyday for work?
  2. i'd say the oversize muse - it'll be perfect for work. comes in ivory, dark brown and black as well as a host of other seasonal colours.
  3. ^ I agree the OS muse is a great size and bag.
  4. The largest Rive Gauche would also be nice.
  5. I own both the LARGE Downtown and the OVERSIZE Muse, and the Downtown is actually a bit bigger. Both of them hold a ton, though. I use them for work and have room to spare, lol!

    Here's a comparison pic...

  6. ^The large downtown is big :yes: . Even the medium that I have is roomy, like my OS muse. The RG is big, too like Alice mentioned above. You should try all 3 and let us know what you got!
  7. Thanks guys! i am still trying to figure out what I want. Whatever I buy won't be bought right now possibly in a few months.