Larger photos of some of the bags are now up on

  1. Here is the Leigh in Whiskey:


    Legacy Shoulder Bag in Clay:



  2. Oh my! I am loving that Bordeaux! That color is gorgeous! :drool: I hope they come out with many bags in that color!
  3. I too like the bordeaux, a great fall color.
  4. I NEED the Miranda in that colour!!!!!:love:
  5. How are you able to get the picture of the Miranda? When I go on the website and type in "miranda", nothing comes up.
  6. I typed in the no. from the catalog and it came up that way I believe.
  7. That clay is beautiful! I am in love with the first two bags. :drool:
  8. Ooo does that bordeaux come in any less expensive bag??
  9. OMG, I'm in :heart:.
  10. :heart: the shoulder bag in clay!!!
  11. I love the Miranda!
  12. Must....have....Miranda....

    Hmm, wonder what I can hawk to get that.....
  13. i wish the clay was just a tad bit darker...
  14. Ohhh! That big Hamptons wristlet comes in that color, man I want that bag. The Clay looks GORGEOUS TOO!
  15. Funny you should say that because from the pictures other people have posted of their Clay bags the color is darker than what is on the website. My Clay shoulder bag should be here on Friday so I will post some indoor/outdoor photos when I get it.