Larger Diamond or Dream Setting, which would you choose?

  1. My fiance and I recently chose my engagement ring, but now we are on to negotiate the price. They have come down considerably, but it is still ~$15k over priced, due to the branded cut by Harry Kotlar (which is spectacular, but pricey). We have stumbled across a dilemma...

    To save money, at first we decided to just get a 'normal' cushion of the same ct weight. But the problem is we wont be able to have it set in the mounting that we love because Harry Kotlar only hand makes these for his own diamonds. The setting is incredible with exceptional craftsmanship and detailing in the gallery (the side part of the ring) which would be impossible to have copied.

    So, the question is do I:

    1) Get a 3 ct non-Kotlar cushion and find a different mounting? (which I think will be hard b/c we've been looking for settings for over 6 months now)

    2) Get a smaller Kotlar diamond and the dream setting? (it would be a 2.5 or 2.7 ct versus the 3 ct I've been agonizing over (this 3 ct is an excellent cut, but abnormally large measuring 9.54 mm x 8.03 mm so it looks more like 4 cts), or

    3) Pay extra (which would mean that my fiance and I would share the cost (he would be paying the majority, but I would pay the 'mark up' which I'm not crazy about doing b/c it feels funny being that this is my engagement ring).

    For those who haven't seen photos in the other thread, here are a few (sorry for the poor image quality, they were taken with a cell phone camera).

    Thanks for reading this long post, and thanks in advance for all of your opinions!

    BTW I wear a size 6.75 ring size to give you perspective on how large this 3 ct looks.
    Copy of cushion2.JPG cushion to post.JPG
  2. I say #3 - you will be sharing the rest of your lives together, so what's wrong with sharing the cost of the ring? There are no absolute rules any more.

    Get what you absolutely love, otherwise you might regret it later.
  3. I'd go with number 1. If the stone is cut well, sparkles like crazy and is beautiful, I don't know that you would be able to see a difference in the cut of the stone. I don't know. I've never seen the branded cushion you speak of, so maybe there is a difference in the look?

    Why not get a simple mounting, even a plain band at this point, until you can find something you love as well and money is not as much of a concern? Your stone is so large that I think that even in a basic band, it would still be a show stopper!

    If you feel funny contributing, I would not do it. If it does not bother you, then that's another story.
  4. hmm how tricky.

    You know what, i'm going against the ladies above here but I think I would go with the dream setting... I mean the stone you like may be huge but the setting is so important, to me anyway.
  5. before reading your reasonings/options I was going to say
    Larger stone all the way!
    But in a halo, which already adds size, I'd go for the slightly smaller stone. . .
    I'm old fashioned I guess, but I too wouldn't be comfy helping pay for my engagement ring.
  6. Personally, I would go to a wholesaler and buy the best 3ct cushion I could find within my diamond budget and then go to another jeweler with a good rep on pricescope for the setting. I'm not trying to be rude but from the pics it just looks like a diamond halo with a thin diamond band right? So even though you can't get whatever detail is in it that, I can't pick up in the photos, just what I can see looks awesome enough. Why pay $15,000 more if you don't have too when a halo and diamond band will just look stunning as long as a quality jeweler makes it

    If you really must have a HK setting then you are better going with the 3ct stone as I think you will regret the smaller ones. Just pay the extra $15,000, in this day and age there is nothing wrong with paying the difference or even half the cost of an engagement ring you really want to get your hands on. After all marriage is a partnership.
  7. i believe i would go with option number one. i would get the best and largest diamond and a good quality platinum solitaire mounting.

    i have lived a long time and have seen styles come and go. i could not pay the 15k premium for this ring. that being said, if it is your true heart's desire go for it. i would just rather my so buy my engagement ring. :yes:
  8. I think it depends on how important diamond size is to you. I personally would not mind budgeting more towards a fabulous setting because I want to love my whole ring, not just the rock.
  9. I don't know if this helps or adds to the confusion, but have you thought about going the custom route? Let's say you get the Kotlar stone that you want, but go to someone like Leon Mege for your setting. I'm not really sure what advice to offer you, but I wish you the best of luck in your decision. It's a really tough call as the ring is GORGEOUS. At the end of the day, you have to do what is best for you.
  10. first let me say the ring you posted is TDF!
    but truthfully, i feel as though i have seen your setting countless times before. so my question is: how important is it for you to have the name kotlar attached to your ring. most ppl don't ask who designed your ring, but most will want to get a closer look at it and congratulate you. KWIM?

    it's a decision that you will have to live with so it's hard for me to say which route you should go. and considering how involved you are in the process i think you should focus on what's really important to you.

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  12. #3
  13. I would go for a slightly smaller stone.
  14. I would go for a smaller stone.
  15. I would pick third option. It so hard to find something you really like and since you found one (which you will be wearing for long time), paying for the mark up isn't so bad if you think about it. You will not regret in the long run. plus you will be managing the money together after you get married i'm assuming, so the mark up you will be paying will not be like your own money.