Larger brown bag for travel

  1. Im looking for the perfect large brown bag, to use mostly for travel or when I need to carry a lot. The most important thing is beautiful leather that wears well and good quality. I would like something classic, but stylish and not boring. For size, something that would hold the basics plus a book or magazines, maybe a laptop. Al of the ones I like online are not available locally- which of these is the nicest and would be the best choice?

    Rebecca Minkoff MA
    Rebecca Minkoff Matinee
    (which color-so many browns!)
    Gerard Darel
    Anna Corinna Dr. Lady
    The larger Gryson bags
  2. I cant figure out how to edit, but the Gryson i was referring to was the Jasper.
  3. I've been using the AC Jet-Setter Jr for a travel/laptop bag. IT's perfect for my laptop, a bottle of water, a couple of mags, files/ has 2 interior pockets, and the exterior pocket for easy access. Not sure if this is one you can find locally, but there are plenty of online shops that allow returns if you don't feel it's the bag for you.

    I have the RM MA but feel that the bag would sag a lot with a laptop in it, but I hear other tpf'rs use it as a carryon laptop bag too. good luck and let us know what you end up getting!
  4. I was going to suggest the Jet Setter Jr as well. It is the bag I use for school to lug around all my text books, and I have used it as a carry on for travel a few times with my laptop in it and it worked great!

  5. How about the Balenciaga Weekender. Below is a picture of one on sale on eBay right now...

  6. ^^^Very nice!!!

    The AC-Jet Setter sounds like a great bag! Let us know what you decide!
  7. I also agree that Belen Echandia would be perfect for you. Look at the Chocolate Stroke Me.
    I use it for travel, and slip in my LV Mini Lin (tiny hands free messenger)into it...I put all my travel needs: book, earphones, etc. for travel and AM TOTALLY CHIC!!!
  8. I just bought this for $300 on eBay, after seeing it for $450 at Bloomies this evening. Though called "raisin" -- it appears as a deep rich brown (with aubergine tones). I think he has a couple left.

  9. How about the Rebecca Minkoff Get Away Tote. The Mocha (pictured) and the wine are marked down to $500.50 right now on her website from $720. I love it's versatility in that when you don't have a lot in it you can fold it over and carry it as a smaller shoulder bag...
    mocha3.jpg mocha4.jpg
  10. i have an anna corinna dr lady and i am obsessed with it :smile: