Largee girls and skinny jeans

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  1. I am a "larger" girl. Overweight and do have huge thunder thighs.

    Ive found a pair of stretch skinny jeans that fit- but should I buy them? They are tight fitting and revealing obviously.
  2. Yes, you should, if you feel good and comfy in them.

    Too often we wear what we're told to ("no ankle strap shoes if you're too short" etc etc) and not what we feel like. I am currently in the same weight situation (thanks, medication) and about half a year ago bought my first jeans in 12 years. They're skinny jeans with rips and I wear them with tops that cover my butt and thighs, because that's what I'm most self-conscious of. I wish I had the guts to wear them with normal tops too, but I already am getting out of my comfort zone by wearing pants in the first place.

    We need to stop denying ourselves the opportunity to wear what we feel like. We've had decades of drilled-in ads of only thin people, 'helpful' articles in magazines and online that tell us to restrict what we wear to our shape/size/whatever. We need to f all that and wear what makes us feel good at that particular point in time.
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  3. Ashley Stewart was on the cover of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, for God's sake. The day of woman 14+ has arrived.
  4. Buy them! Embrace your curves! Why should only stick thin women wear skinny jeans? If you put together a nice outfit, styled around your skinny jeans,you will feel liberated! A little heel,a nice scarf , a flowy top,some pretty bangles,a statement many ways to style them up :smile:
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  5. This is something that drives me crazy about fashion and people's criticisms. The constant narrative is:
    "she doesn't know how to dress for her body"
    "those shoes/pants/whatever make her legs look short"
    "that bikini top makes her look flat"

    Um, well, I'm 5ft tall, my legs ARE short. I'm a 34A, I AM flat. And that's ok with me. I'm not trying to make myself look like Gisele every time I dress. My legs will always look short because that's what they are. I'm all for people looking their best and dressing appropriately but it seems people want everyone to look as close to a certain ideal as possible, not individual bests.

    Constantly dressing to downplay your "flaws" and highlight your "assets" sucks.
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  6. I agree with you,mundodabolsa.
    Why should we all conform to a certain ideal?
    I am 5ft tall with short legs too.Mine are chunky,not slender & I always wear skinny jeans.I feel that boot cut jeans,or god forbid,boyfriend jeans,make my legs look shorter & chunkier! Curvy ladies look fabulous when dressed to "kill" :biggrin: in whatever makes them/me feel good!
    When I was younger & lacked confidence,I listened to people who said that I should dress to fit in with the "ideal" proportions of the perfect shaped woman's body. Now,I KNOW what looks good on me & I have developed my own style.
    Skinny jeans are very flattering for all sizes providing they are well cut & have enough stretch to flatter.Sometimes,a size larger is needed because some skinny jeans crease across the thighs which is not a flattering look.
  7. if they go well with the outfit and they're comfortable I don't see why not!
  8. If you are happy with how they look and you're comfortable, go for it! :smile:
  9. You can still wear boot cut jeans and boyfriends jeans but with a pair of stiletto heels if you're afraid these styles will make your legs look chunkier.