Large Zoe vs. RM Nikki and Mini Nikki

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  1. Do any Large Zoe owners out there also own either a Rebecca Minkoff Nikki or Mini Nikki? I'm trying to figure out which is closest in size to the Large Zoe's. Pictures will be greatly appreciated! :tup:
  2. Hi, J! I have both the lg Zoe and Nikki! I can post pics later today if nobody else chimes in. I don't have any mini Nikkis, though.
  3. J~I think you'd be suprised at the size of the mini. I was considering a Nikki before when I purchased my Botkier Clyde Trigger and I was even thinking about the mini because it is a good sized bag!!! Did you check the RM thread for comparison pic's with Nikki & mini Nikki????

    Good Luck deciding!!!!
  4. Nikki is about the same height as the large Zoe, but it's wider. It slouches more, and I consider them about the same. Mini Nikki is smaller, but still a nice size.
  5. IMO, the Nikki is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge. I have not tried on the mini nikki but I guess is about the same size as the large zoe.
  6. I have a Nikki and Editorial Zoe and A Huge Hillier and I think they are all comparable. I will dig them out and get some comp. photos for you. I think the Mini Nikki and Large Zoe are bout the same size, but, the RM has more slouch. :heart:
  7. Here are a couple of quick examples of the concord and mint RM Nikkis (regular size) with the large orchid Zoe. I would say they are similar, but probably the RM overall is a bit larger/longer...unless it's super slouchy, then they are more comparable. Since my Zoe just has packing, it would slouch a bit more with my actual contents. The thing is some of the RM leathers are stiffer than others, and some more distressed/softer/slouchy. I thought I would post two examples since my purple Nikki is very soft and slouches a LOT, and is very comfortable to carry, whereas the mint arrived very stiff and kind of plasticy. It's honestly not that comfortable on the shoulder because it's so stiff, so I've actually never carried it! Love the color, though, and apparently, sometimes it depends on where you order from as to what the particular leather lot is like. Some people were able to get a nice slouchy mint, but I just thought I would keep mine and try to break it in...eventually. In general, though, different RM colors kind of have a certain trend. I got rid of my scarlet Nikki because it was SOOOO stiff, even though it was a very distressed and thick crushed textured leather. The glaze made it very stiff.

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  8. Thanks for the comp. pics L! Does anyone think I could get away with the Mini Nikki or would I find it too small considering I'm used to Large Zoe size?
  9. i have a regular Nikki and love it!
    it remids me alot of the large Gucci chain hobo i used to have.
    it is large- but has a GREAT slouch.. i'd say it's right between the size of the large zoe i USED to have but not as big as my Editorial Zoe that i do have.

    i have a patent red Nikki - which i only came upon because i was searching for a patent red editorial zoe but couldn't find one at a decent price!
  10. ^:drool: I would LOVE a Red Patent Nikki! :drool:
  11. i don't have side by side comp pic- my camera battery is charging- but i do have a mod pic of each bag.

    patent red nikki

    Editorial Zoe
  12. i got it for a STEAL on bonanzle for $190 NWT
  13. ^^WOW, that red patent is super pretty!! I just didn't love my scarlet Nikki. I should have gotten this one!
  14. thank you! it is really pretty!
    it's not a solid red either- it's got this crackly distressed look to it. i really love it!
  15. ^^It looks a LOT softer than the scarlet. That bag was a nightmare, lol!