Large Zach convertible backpack - anyone have one?

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  1. I just bought one in denim blue from RM website - Valentines sale plus 15% new-subscriber discount.

    I am on the hunt for the PERFECT urban bag for upcoming move, and think this bag may do ALL the things. It is nice pebbly leather - very similar to my Jerome Dreyfuss bubble-leather Etienne - so despite all the strappage going on, it is lightweight. It zips closed, has numerous exterior pockets, and can be worn as a backpack, crossbody, or shoulder bag. t also has a small handle for hand-carrying.

    Moving to a much smaller apartment, I would SO love to have one bag (or less than five) - that do everything. Yet, as I packed the box of handbags last night (a tall dish-barrel full, mind you - the size of a double tall dorm fridge), I realize how much I dearly LOVE changing handbags. I like thinking about what mood I am in... what bag is calling to me for the day... deciding what to wear to go with the bag (the bag choice ALWAYS comes first)... I genuinely LOVE having this experience be part of my day. - and I get bored OUT OF MY MIND with carrying the same bag day after day. Even a new bag that does ALL the things loses its allure after the first couple of days - I love and will use it a lot - it IS THAT good, but I just need the variation of bags in my life.

    Anyway, back to the Zach bag: anyone else have this? What do you think of it? I have denim blue - thinking of getting another in black. Because sometimes -- even with blue in the collection, you just need one in BLACK, you know?
  2. Bump.

    I'm searching for a nice black leather backpack and this style looks great! Anyone have thoughts on this? I would get the regular size and am a little concerned that would still be too small.