Large Yellow Kristin Hobo

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  1. Well, I got her in the mail today, and she is beautiful!!!! I couldn't be happier with the color, size, style, EVERYTHING!!! She is awesome. But.... after closely examining her, there is a scratch and discoloration in the leather. :sad: I called my local store, and they are supposed to be getting their shipment of this bag tomorrow, so no problem, I am going to go exchange her. But for those who are debating this bag, it is awesome and I highly recommend her!!! I will post pictures when I exchange her tomorrow!
  2. Congrats, jjcj! I love yellow bags! So glad that you will be getting a replacement! Can't wait to see pics!
  3. oh come on! Please post pics now!
  4. Dang and I thought I FINALLY made a reveal......:lolots:
  5. dang not one pic argh lol