Large wristlet with cc slots....

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  1. I have really disliked these, never understood why coach went to this in all their larger wristlets..

    So my question is, does anyone use one of these strictly as a wallet..??
  2. girl i dont use it as a wallet....but heres 2 reasons why i LOVE EM.....and dont mind them....i have a large legacy wristlet which has a couple cc slots and my large madison just has a large single cc pocket

    1)use it as a "clutch" large madison wristlet is strickly my movie bag. I put my cash/id/cards in the slot then I still have space for my lipstuff, inhaler, keys, phone, and candy ;).....i'll use my legacy large wristlet as a to go bag when i dont wanna carry my huge bag around. It's nice to just have a small bag when shopping or going out on the town.
    2)use it as an organizer in my bags. Right now i'm using my large Madison wristlet in my purse and in the cc slot i have my blotting paper in it. I'll even throw my reward cards or extra cards that i dont want in my wallet i'll just put in in my wristlet.
  3. +1
    Love them!
  4. I have four large legacy zip wallets now since I find them indispensable. I love that there is room for nearly everything I need for a short trip and they make a great clutch as sandyclaws mentioned.
  5. +1 I have 5 and have been carrying 1 every day since I got my first. I don't use it strictly as a wallet though, but for me I like that better because I can put my CCs, money, makeup, phone, plus much more in it and it functions better that way for me. I find that I end up using my purely wallet slgs just for extra reward cards, store CCs, etc. and just keep it in my purse but rarely pull it out. Once I start using a card more, I transfer it to the wristlet. Its much easier for me to grab the wristlet out of my bag (I tend to carry a huge bag) and go knowing that I have 99% of what I need.

    Lately, I've purchased a few pure wallets and card cases, hoping to be a "wallet" person, bc I think I would be more organized and neater that way! I purchased yet another makeup bag also, hoping to keep my makeup out of my wristlets for good, but after writing what I wrote above, I think I just talked myself out of that!
  6. Thanks ladies
  7. So none of you have the ones with 6 card slots .. and I dont mean the zippy wallet ..

  8. Do you man the double zip wallet? I had a poppy one and it was great for extra store cards, etc. Only thing I didn't like is that the wrist strap wasn't detachable. That always bugs me.
  9. Could you post a style number (or an ebay link) for the item you are asking about; Coach has made so many versions of a large wristlet that it is hard to identify just one style.

    I have 2 zip wristlet/wallets with built-in CC slots that I like very much, the link below shows pics of a new one that I recently purchased.

    I haven't used this new one yet, but I have used my other one quite a bit and it is great. I mostly use it as a wallet and it is lightweight and convenient - but it also works well when I just want to carry my essesntials including my phone and key. I grab it out of my bag and away I go!

    I also have a kristin swingpack that has a built in wallet and it is a hards-free, light-weight, comfortable and convenient bag - but not a clutch. Let me know if you have questions or would like to see pics. Good luck!
  10. I think that I saw what you meant by large wristlet with built-in wallet at the outlet yesterday. They had this large violet sequin clutch in clearance (see link below, NMA).

    I think it would be a great clutch, and the built-in wallet makes it even nicer, but I probably wouldn't use a similar-sized clutch exclusively as a wallet. I'd use it as a clutch.
  11. I love wristlets for that purpose.