Large White Chain Hobo on Sale, NM

  1. Just a heads up!

    $1470 SALE from $2100 -- Just in time for the price increase tomorrow!!!

    Some PLEASE buy it before I'm too tempted! :sweatdrop:
  2. Darn, I don't think my link worked, can someone help out?

    Here's a pic, it's the one that ViciousBliss called "Divinity" in her post -- Ohh ViciousBliss, it's calling your name! ;)
    Picture 1.jpg
  3. There are several BV's at sale prices on NM's site. I noticed ^^^that one right away! And the Julie, which the main BV site says is sold out.
  4. A “Julie" on sale? How much would that be? In Poudre?
  5. ^^Just checked and it's the Julie in white and black for $945.
  6. Thanks myindulgence. You people in US are so lucky!!! I'm so jealous. :hysteric:
  7. Does anyone own this bag? I haven't seen it IRL, and I'm wondering how the chain is attached, is it woven into the leather somehow? Also, does the chain make the bag heavy?