Large white bag

  1. I have been so wishy washy over a white bag for the summer, I can't believe myself. I've pre-ordered and waitlisted and canceled every one of them. It's now down to 2 - cerf or GST.

    Which would look better in white, the large cerf with CC closure or the GST in caviar?
  2. i'm thinkign of buying a cerf tote in black...
    hmmm sorry for being stupid, but which is the GST? :p
  3. I personally like the cerf bag. I know what you mean. White bags are tricky. I had a modern chain...and took it back. Now I am kicking myself. I bought the baby cabas...but I don't use it that much.
  4. Seahorse, GST is the Grand Shopping Tote. I've been following your thread about the Cerf. I just haven't seen one in white. I love it in black or brown, but wonder if it will look as good in white.

    Anybody have a picture of a large cerf in white?
  5. ooou :p
    i never actually seen the white cerf tote, but i think it would be pretty :love:
  6. Didn't someone post a pic of Jennifer Anniston with a white cerf tote in a recent movie, or was I hallucinating? (Sorry, I've had shingles for 3 days and counting.)
  7. jmen, u're genius :yes:
    here, i just found the pic, couldn't find a better pic though
  8. I've seen the GST in white, and it's lovely. I've never seen a white cerf tote so I don't know which one I would prefer. Hopefully someone will be able to post a pic for us to see.
  9. Thanks for finding that picture - I remember seeing it too but I can't tell if it is a large one or the smaller cerf. Decisions, decisions.
  10. in white, the cerf.

    in black I prefer gst, gold hw
  11. I have the GST in black with silver hdwr and I really like it but have not seen either bag IRL in the white.
  12. I'd absolutely vote for the GST!
  13. Cerf tote!
  14. i love the cerf in white but I really love the cc lock and for some reason I don't think the white has that closure.
  15. I have the GST in white...and I love it!! The caviar leather is so easy to keep clean.