Large Whisky Edith on Designer Exposure now

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  1. Hi fellow Edith lovers - there's a large whisky Edith on a reputable designer clothing/accessories resale site called Designer Exposure.

    I'm holding out for a chamois medium Edith (where are you, my pretty?) or else I'd go for it.

    I've bought other items from this site and been very satisfied. They are reputable and get items from fashion shoots, displays, and well-heeled folks who clean their closets.

    (please note I'm in no way affliated with the site!!! Just trying to help my fellow Edith lovers!!!) :idea:
  2. Are you sure they're legit? Coz they have a stark white regular paddy on there that I'm pretty sure was never made. The leather is stiff and the lock looks suspect too. Hmm..
  3. ^ No, I'm sorry I don't know 100% if the bags shown are real or fake. I've been going to the site for a while and have purchased other items that seem authentic and in excellent condition.
  4. The price (1195) is too low for a large. The large retails for 1720 in NM, BG and Chloe boutique.
  5. The measurements are actually a Medium. But for the difference in $$$, I'd be more comfortable with tags and all.
  6. The chloe bag in white is absolutely a fake bag!!!!
  7. I wont trust them. They are based on New Zealand which so far from what I know, here only have retail store for LV, gucci, Dior, Prada ( that is !) so I wonder how can they source some chloe, fendi etc at lower that price. I've been to their store. the sales got no knowlege on designer handbag and they were selling some fake LV watch and handbag when I went in last time.
  8. Thanks, ChloeSS and everyone. I didn't know this information before about this site.
  9. That's why this forum is so fabulous! We learn something new nearly every day! :P
  10. you are welcome :smile: