Large Wallet - share your thoughts!

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  1. I searched for large wallet and it seems there is no thread to discuss it.

    I ordered the large wallet during this relaunch in black/dolly. I think this style will be a cute bag for going to movies, brunches, just any type of casual events. And the price is much nicer compared with other clutches they newly launched. (Honestly I don't see the unique style in the new lines but they are cute, I'd like to have one of each if I have more money).

    Will appreciate any thoughts from you ladies/gentlemen on the large wallet, and pictures!
  2. I don't have pictures with me at the moment, but I have the large wallet in the royal calf leather. It's a simple shape but surprisingly holds a lot - might be because the calf leather is softer, though. It fits my phone, a card case, keys, tissues, hair clip, and then a few other things if I really need them (folded sunglasses on top, for example).

    I'm planning to carry it to an upcoming event in a few weeks! I've also carried it out to errands and shopping before when I didn't need a lot with me. Hope this helps!
  3. Thanks for your input! I got the large wallet in black/dolly, it is spacious and can fit in all my essentials (really just keys, card case and phone, maybe a lipstick if needed).
  4. My first MG piece was a small tote then my second was the large wallet because as you mentioned, the price is nice. As some of the other people said, it does hold a lot more than it looks like it would, especially after it is broken in a bit and the leather gets softer. I have black, cammello, brandy, red and white and my most used is cammello since the color is more neutral it goes with more of what I wear.
  5. Wow you have an amazing collection! I am using the pouch that comes with the large bucket bag and it's really cute. I am still yet to start using the large wallet - I got the black color so I don't use it much during the summer.
  6. I have a Black/Ballerina one that I have yet to use, really... I should figure out what to do with it. Because it has no depth, I feel like I should really only put receipts/papers, or other fairly flat items in it!

    I have pochettes that came with my LV Neverfull totes that are pretty much the same form factor, but the canvas they're made of is softer than MG veg tan, so I feel like I can pillow those up a bit more.