Large vs. Smaller Ritz

  1. Hey all, i have a chance to get the larger ritz in navy blue from my closest boutique... they only have the smaller one in black and brown... if i had to, then i'd get the brown since i have too many chanel blacks.

    is there a big difference between the larger and smaller ritz? what can each hold in terms of wallet, makeup bag, keys, etc. i have to make the purchase today before the holiday begins!! please opinionate!! thx
  2. anybody?
  3. hi babyhart, i don't know the exact measurement difference between the large and small ritz, but on me the large ritz looked absolutely ridiculous (imho and my bf's opinion). it was just too long lengthwise so the proportions looked really cartoonish on me. for your reference, i'm a petite person at 5'1".
    both bags are big enough to hold basic essentials (regular-sized wallet, cell, keys, makeup). if you can try both of them, i would bc it depends on if you feel you can rock it. it's a gorgeous bag though, so you can't go wrong!
  4. I had both to compare at the same time - I returned the larger one. It was just WAY to big, and the smaller one is still a fairly large bag (to me anyways).
  5. I also had both and decided on the small one. I posted pictures of me with both and also posted the meausurments. I'll see if I can find the thread...
  6. i didn't look at the small one when i got to the boutique b/c of me having zero time to browse nowadays... three babies aged 4 and under. i took one look at the blue and loooooved it... and the leather is so soft. i went with the bigger one which can fit wipes, a few diapers, baby clothes and then use the front cc clasp compartment for my keys and wallet. holy cow, i used it as soon as i got it, and loved that i could reach my keys so fast without looking.

    if i did look at the small, i would have gone crazy probably!