Large vs. Small Bowler... which is better?

  1. I love big bags. Let me start with that. I have two Stellas and the Ursula Tote. But I bought the small Bowler (in Chalk) and am now wondering if it's too small. Had the Bronze large Bowler and took it back in favor of the small size because I was worried it was too big. What does everyone think? Care to weigh in on this one?
  2. I love big bags, too!! I vote for the large bowler!
  3. I love big bags as well, but I prefer the small bowler (I'm 5'2.75"). This is one bag where proportion matters, I guess.
  4. I'm 5'9"
  5. I have the large bowler and love it. But I'm partial to big bags and I'm 5'4. I think the large size is a lot more convenient and big is in for fall! =)
  6. I got the smaller size. Actually I purchased one in each size but ended up returning the large because I felt it was too large. That sucker is beautiful but it'll hold the kitchen sink. Oh, for reference, I'm 5'8" and on the thin side.
  7. I love big bags as a rule, but prefer the small bowler over the large. I think it just looks better.
  8. I too love big bags but in this particular case the smaller bowler is big enough for me.:P
  9. I think it really depends on how much you plan on carrying in the bag, and whether proportions matter to you. I tend to carry a lot in my bags, and despite being short, I go for the larger bag. I hate carrying multiple bags to work. One LARGE bag is perfect.

    Let us know what you decide!
  10. i have the large bowler in Blush and love it. i'm 5'4" as well. i had the bronze small but returned it b/c the color was too loud for me and it seemed that the weight of the bag was more than the weight of the contents inside my bag, know what i mean?

    the SA at the MJ boutique recommended the larger one for everyday and smaller one when you have a little to carry.

    another SA carries the big one, and loves the size as well.
  11. I am very petite so I prefer small Bowler; Large Bowler seems too fat in terms of width to me. If you are always comfortable with big bags & don't find Large Bowler too chunky, go for it! =)
  12. I recently got the small bowler in black. I like it a lot! The small is a perfect size. A lot fit in the small bowler. The large looks really big.
  13. I have the small bowler in black and really like it. It definitely seems big enough to me and I like big bags. The large bowler just didn't look as nice proportionally I thought.
  14. the large was too big for me. i say small.