Large vs O/S Muse

  1. Hi, I know there's been a few threads on sizings for the Muse, but I'm just curious -- is it just me or does it seem that people are leaning more towards the Large size now vs. the Oversized? O/S was HUGE when the Muse was just released, and I have both sizes in my collection (and love them both for different reasons). But lately, it seems that everyone's been wearing smaller bags, which makes me feel a bit awkward when I'm wearing my O/S (and I'm not seeing the OS as often as I have in the past)... Does anyone feel this way or I am just being paranoid? Also, even though I have the Black in XL, I have been thinking about getting one in the Large as well! Does anyone have the same color Muse in multiple sizes? (Trying to justify...) Thanks for your thoughts!!
  2. By the way, another concern is that I know the oversized bags were totally in last year, but who knows how long that will last, and I would just hate to see me being the one that sticks out like a sore thumb carrying an O/S, say, next spring/ summer! lol!
  3. I don't know if I have a good answer for you, because I tend to buy and carry bags that I like, regardless of what others are carrying. It wouldn't matter to me whether I was carrying the same size bag as everyone else I see. So I guess I'm saying if you love your OS Muse, then just enjoy it and carry it but if you bought it to be more of an "it" bag and aren't loving it anymore, then it might make sense to try and sell it off and pick up something else you'll enjoy more.
  4. Same here. I have the OS muse, and I am tall, 5'8", so the OS is just right for me. Also, when I was trying out the Large vs the OS, I thought the OS was more NS looking where as the large was more EW. I preferred the NS look.
  5. Thanks for the input. What is NS vs EW? :smile:
  6. NS is North-South and EW is East-West. I agree that the OS is a bag that looks longer and more vertical, while the Large has a short, wide shape. That's the thing with the different sizes in the Muse, it's not just the same bag made larger or smaller, the whole shape changes and they look like very different bags. So when you're deciding which size, you also need to take into account which shape you prefer.

    I personally prefer the OS Muse and think that shape is the one that really looks like a distinctive bag, but it is a large bag and not everyone is going to feel comfortable wearing it. If you're starting to feel awkward carrying it around, then it's probably worth looking at something else, whether it's a smaller sized Muse or another bag entirely.
  7. I agree the Large and OS make the Muse look like 2 different bags. I love them both and do prefer the OS look (it makes such a statement that most bags don't!). I am still carrying the OS a lot - just sometimes want something a bit smaller when I'm not lugging too much stuff around. My husband also loves the OS and won't let me sell/ trade it, so ideal solution in this case: I will just treat myself to another muse, in Large! :smile:
  8. :tup: That sounds like a GREAT solution to me! Be sure to post pictures when you pick up your new Large (it's going to be black, right?)!
  9. YES, definitely black! :smile:

  10. totally agree with u..."its not just the same bag made larger or smaller, the whole shape changes and they look very different!"
    i love o/s muse the best...its a distinctive bag...
    and i like large size the easierly wearing for everybody.:woohoo: