Large vs. Medium Zippy

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  1. I was looking at the zippy bags on LVR and the large zippy is less expensive than the medium. Does anyone know why this is? What is the size difference? Something like 18" wide for the large and 14.5" for the medium? They have a large in chocolate, which is the next color I want, but I think the medium is a better size for me. Does anyone know if the medium will be coming in in more colors?
  2. The pricing makes no sense. As far as the colors, LVR told me that they bought two seasons ahead and what they have now is all they bought and they won't receive any more. I don't remember seeing Choco in the medium at all on LVR. You might try calling around. SoCal said that Henri Bendel has the medium but I'm pretty sure that Nordstrom, Saks, and NM didn't buy it. It might be tough to find.
  3. Daisy, do you have more pics of your taupe? Maybe an outdoor pic in natural light? Or one of you holding it? You could PM me. I really like yours, and the shape seems right. I would LOVE a chocolate bag, and now the box is sold out at NM and BG. I think the big zippy is pretty big, but they DO have the chocolate!
  4. Not what you asked for but here's one more pic and I'll try to take some more tomorrow. This bag is bigger than how it's coming across in pics. It's boxy, yes, but it's also wide (more so).

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  5. Thanks Daisy! Do you think this one is more square than the medium pocket? They have that available for pre-order, but I hear it tends to be slouchy on the sides like my big pocket.
  6. From what I can tell of the pocket bags, they tend to slouch a lot more than the Zippy. I have to admit though, I haven't paid that much attention to that style so I'm not sure.
  7. Hi ET, Daisy. The medium pocket is quite slouchy. The medium zippy is more structured, but still soft. The zippy is rectangular in shape (the large being a larger rectangular with a slightly "thinner" appearance due to length, the medium being a bit more proportionate in terms of height to length ratios). Both the medium zippy and the medium pocket can be worn on the shoulder, but the pocket has longer straps. I like the large zippy and medium pocket for casual looks. The medium zippy can go casual or even a bit dressed up ("California casual"...I have the black in both mediums). My large zippy is whiskey and sometimes reminds me of a footlong hotdog bun...but I have grown to love that dog... The pocket is my current daily favorite with the medium zippy on deck (waiting for her turn to be used). The medium zippy is the husband's favorite.
  8. Footlong hotdog bun!! LOLOL... that's kind of how that bag strikes me too. I do love that bag on you but feel like if I carried it I'd be knockin stuff over every time I turned around, etc. What is your final decision on the Zippys.... are you going to keep Whiskey and return Blanc?
  9. Thanks SoCal...very helpful! I think the large zippy will be too long and narrow for me. I need a medium zippy, or a box satchel, or the small pocket. Although now NM has a hobo in whiskey...I need to find someone's pics of that on...
  10. I did return the blanc. I kept the large whiskey and medium black zippy bags. I decided one large zippy was enough and am feeling much love for my pocket paddy.
  11. What I have learned about the pocket bag...

    When you call Chloe, the SAs seem to know what bag you are referring to as they have (or have had) them in stock.

    Ron Herman refers to this bag (medium size) as the "professor".

    Saks will be carrying this bag but has not (to my knowledge) received shipment yet. Their book also refers to the medium pocket at the "professor". (I did not ask about the large size.)

    Nordstrom will be carrying the bag in the medium and large sizes. Their book refers to the large size as the "new shopper" and the medium size as the "new satchel".

    :weird: :nuts: :amuse: :shame: :cry: :suspiciou :shame: :smile: :lol:
  12. Love the plethora of smileys! Thanks for the info. So now I have a "new shopper" in mousse! LOL. Someone said it looked like a shopLIFTING bag, rather than a shopper...another said I could fit a sub and a six pack in it when going to the movies. <sigh> It does squish up nicely since there is so little "stuff" in it, and it's cute. The color is awesome. I seem to be facing more bags to pick from instead of narrowing my search! Chloe needs to do some REAL medium bags. Instead of calling the small a medium and then doing a COMPLETE other end of the spectrum large. I mean, I don't need to carry a small child in my bag, but I need a bigger bag than 11"!!!