Large Vintage Ergo Tote is Vachetta too

  1. I normally don't like to start new threads, but didn't know where else to post this. Am I really behind and am the only one who didn't know that this bad was also vachetta leather, not just the Maude? On Coaches website their titles are both Vintage leather, but under the Maude it says it's vachetta, and under the vintage ergo tote it just says vintage leather. But on the creed inside the bag it says it's "handcrafted in China from milled pure vegetable tanned vachetta"!

    Sorry if it's a lame thing to start a thread about, but I was pleasantly surprised. :smile:
  2. yup. i knew because of the price difference. ;)
  3. I knew as well as I found out about it before the last PCE from ms-whitney. She advised that the Ergo Vintage Tote was coming in a smaller size. I then called Coach and requested the item number and price and then went in to my regular Coach Boutique and ordered it. I love it and it just gets more beautiful with each wear. I can't wait until the patina forms on it which should be within six months time. This is my favorite bag right now.
  4. oh man, if you can get it to patina evenly, it will be tdf!
  5. Kallison:

    I really hope that I can get it to patina evenly. This is my first Vachetta Leather bag. If I like the way it is wearing I may purchase the Vintage Ergo Vachetta Hobo as well. I just hope that I don't ruin this bag. I really watch when anyone comes near me when I am wearing it and I did spray it with Apple Guarde before even wearing it. I will post pictures in the fall of the bag with the patina.
  6. Were you able to get it in the regular Tote size? I only saw it in Large and XL and wanted it in the regular Tote. If so, can I get the item #?

  7. Dear Robbin:

    The Ergo Vintage Tote I purchased was the large one.
    It is No. 11011 and is $548. It is the same size as the Large Ergo tote which retails for $428. Please see a picture of me carrying it below. This has a turnlock closure on it.

  8. Thanks Liz. It is so pretty, but I think I want the smaller one. I was so hoping it would come in the vintage leather as I like that so much better. i think I'll just wait until they come out with the bag material I want in the size I want.
  9. I wanted the Maude but knew it would be WAY too big for me, so I was really excited when we (myself and the SAs at Coach) finally figured out that the reason there was a price difference between this tote and the large Ergo is that this was the same leather as the Maude, but in the large size instead of XXL! I ordered it immediately, and I love it!
  10. Then the answer is, "Yes, you are the only one who didn't realize." *LOL*

    Sometimes I feel slow as molasses. I was wondering why the thing was so much more than the regular large ergo totes. I thought the vintage leather had to be something different than vachetta, because of the differences in the listings on the Coach website. Oh well, I'm happy in my slowness, and at least I'm caught up now. *L*
  11. This is a stunning bag. I fondle each time I am at Coach (hinting to Mom, my birthday is coming up!). There is also a large Hobo in this leather as well.
  12. The Ergo tote is really beautiful
  13. Hi, can you give me measurements?