Large Veneta..what about Camel color

  1. I am seriously planning on buying the Large Veneta ... I already saw the Ebano and Noce colors .. but I have been thinking of the Camel color.... does anyone have a pic of the Large Veneta in Camel..:girlsigh:

    What do you think ?
  2. I think it would be great in that color especially to wear during warmer weather. Sorry, I don't have a pic but in the past I've seen the bag listed on bluefly.
  3. The Camel is really pretty, and a great light brown colour IMO. I'll try to see if I can find a pic...
  4. light colour - gotta be careful though. since it can get dirty easily....
  5. I'm afraid of colors that light because I can be hard on my bags, but it is a beautiful color.
  6. I saw the camel IRL and it was a pretty light beige colour, I'm sure a veneta in this colour will be lovely. I have a pic of a BV bag in this colour so that you can get an idea of the colour. Unfortunately the bag pictured is not the veneta.
    camel bv.JPG
  7. Here you go, pic taken from either Saks or NM, a couple of months back.

    Camel Veneta.jpg
  8. NM has both of these available online TODAY.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    NM1.jpg NM2.jpg
  9. THanks for all the pics.. I am gonna call the shop in Geneva and ask if they have that color available.... and then.... remove all the credit cards from my purse and go there:party::party:
  10. That Camel is such a pretty beige. It would make a perfect summer bag, so neutral and light.
  11. What a pretty colour :heart:
  12. Very nice choice!
  13. I think the camel is a great 2nd Veneta color (unless you live in a warmer climate where it could be used more year round.)

    I prefer ebano if it's a first bv bag - more of a classic color and can be used year round.

    Both are beautiful though - no doubt!