Large Veneta Watteau

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  1. Hello

    I just wanted to show you something I re di ed in the post. It's a large Veneta and the colour stated is Watteau. I never considered a large as the price point was too high but I managed this at 50% so wow. How could I resist. I have two of the smaller size, one black and one ebano. My question is really do you think it will get more use as I have held it against the smaller sized ones and don't see a huge difference. Also, the gap between the handle and zip is very slight. Will this soften and change with time. It feels very close under my arm. Thanks

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  2. The bag will 'relax' with use, so no worries. Our own septembersiren (and many others, myself included) recommend you put a couple of soup cans in the bag and hang it from a doorknob for a couple of days, which has help the bag relax and be more easy. You will definitely see more 'space' between the handle and the zipper.

    Congrats on a great find! Such a pretty color!
  3. Good find! But... Is this Watteau? This is very different from my Watteau or maybe it's the lighting of the picture.
  4. I'll chime in and say there is a significant difference between the medium and large both in how it looks when carried and what it holds.
  5. Maybe we need to see a comparison shot between OP's medium and this 'large' - and the measurements - perhaps this is NOT a large, after all?
  6. I will take a pic together later. It's definitely large. Bigger than other two.
  7. Then it's the large size. Put the (full) cans in there and hang her up and let her be for a few days; you'll notice a more relaxed vibe by the end of the week.
  8. Sorry I got the colour wrong! It's Edoardo
  9. I kinda thought that but with monitors and photos the way they are, the lighting.... I LOVE Edoardo! Even better than Watteau, this color will be more of a neutral for you. :heart: