large veneta on sale at NM for $1141!!!

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  1. It must be a large, based on the price--right? Hope a PFer gets it! I just ordered one from bluefly at a slightly better price (used the 20% off code).
  2. When you use Bluefly, make sure you use ****** to get to Bluefly - then you save an extra 4% on top!!!
  3. Uh, is that a bad word? ******.com..
  4. Bunkie, can you PM me that site/code?

  5. No, I think that's the medium. :yes:

    Incidentally, does anyone know if it is actually metallic, or whether that's just the pic?
  6. It's just the pic and the way the light is hitting it.
  8. I believe that this is the LARGE veneta in the Noce color. You could probably call to confirm the measurements with the online customer service, although NM isn't always good about having the measurements for their online items on file.
  9. I'm pretty sure that is the large as well since NM priced the original at $1630 which is the large size.

    Wow that is suuuch a great deal! Free ship as well!
  10. Oooo - does anyone have a noce Veneta we can see photo's of to get us going?!

    i'm trying to be strong over here.... SOS!
  11. Ladies, I'm :dothewave: to share that this baby was ordered by *moi* in the wee hour of 2AM last night! I guess sometimes it pays to experience a little insomnia!

    I also assume that is the large (due to price) Veneta in color Noce. NM color "hazelnut"? and the metallic-looking pic first threw me off, but I took the plunge since I can always return it at my local NM.

    Pretty apropo don't you think -- buying a BV the day before they are raising their prices?? ;)

    beautifulday32, congrats on your Bluefly Veneta too!
  12. ^ oooh, congrats!!! Great deal!
  13. Congratulations Myindulgence! I am glad it went to tPFer.
  14. ^^Thanks Greentea and NW <-- fellow Bay Arean! I'm just crossing my fingers that it's the Noce. I'm so relieved that I didn't give in last week at the SF BV store -- Roberto was really workin' it! :sweatdrop: