Large ultimate soft?

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  1. I was in NM Boca Raton tonight and saw a black ultimate soft for $2125. Does anyone know if this is the medium or large size? I think it might be the large based on the fact the price for the medium (according to forum posts) was increased to ~$1800 in March.

    If it actually IS the medium, does anyone know the current price for the large? And is the large still available anywhere? Specifically, I'm looking for black lambskin.
  2. The one you saw it the large size. The difference in between the med. and the large is.... The med has padded leather on the top of the chain. The large is all chain.
  3. Anyone have any input as to how much I should price my black Large Ultimate Soft on Ebay?


  4. I would say if you really want to sell it and it is in very good condition, then you should probably be able to recoup 75% of the price..
  5. You don't like it anymore? Why are you wanting to sell it?
  6. I don't know, but I would wait to see if they go up on 11/1. If they do, you could ask for more then.
  7. I just saw the large one on Ebay for 1k. I am not sure if it is authentic. It is sold by a new seller on Ebay.
  8. what color is your ultimate soft?
  9. one more question for all ultimate soft owners..
    i got water mark on mine... anyone know how to get rid of them?
    let me know please!
    thanks in advance
  10. It is black....It's in really good condition. No scratches or anything like that. I think that the only thing it could need is some leather conditioner on the rolled edges. I love love love my bag...but I'm recovering from being laid off and it doesn't make sense to me to be pinching pennies while carrying around a $2000 purse. :sad: