Large ultimate soft vs medium..PICS

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  1. Hi ladies! I have been on a rampage the last few days and I bought both the large US and the medium US. The large black US is the non-quilted version without the shoulder pad on the straps. The medium beige US is the quilted version with the shoulder pad on the straps. I cannot keep both and am leaning towards the black because the medium just feels TOO small. I REALLY wanted the large light beige US, but this bag is sold out everywhere at the moment. Believe me, when I want a bag I will get it and this was impossible. Any feedback would be appreciated on the sizes of the bags. I really love large slouchy bags, but does the large US look too similar to my black baby cabas? Help, I'm so confused!! Should I just return both and HOPE that the large will come sometime in the near future in the non-quilted light beige version?
    chanel 101.jpg
    chanel 103.jpg
    chanel 107.jpg
    chanel 113.jpg
    chanel 109.jpg
  2. The medium beige is gorgeous. I think the large in black WOULD look too much like your black Cabas. If you think the medium is too small then hold out for a large in beige--maybe more will become available.
  3. wow! the black one is gorgeous!! chanel has got to stop coming out with bags that i must have!! how much was this bag if you don't mind me asking?
  4. The large is 1675. and the medium is 1475.
  5. I think you're right about the large US looking too much like the baby cabas. I think I will return both and hold out for the large light beige.
  6. That is the exact black one I saw at NM Boston. ACK! I agree it is too close to your Cabas but that doesn't change the fact that it looks AMAZING on you! I love the beige quilted because it looks more classic Chanel.
  7. The large black is GORGEOUS!!!!!! BUT it might be a bit too similar to your cabas...
  8. black
  9. agree with pink!
  10. Ok ladies, I have finally decided to return BOTH. My khaki cabas came in yesterday and I think I will take that along with a black jumbo classic flap in either caviar or leather. You can't go wrong with a classic flap right?;)
  11. I like the medium beige and it seems plenty large to me! But I am a small bag gal. I agree the black one reminds me too much of the baby cabas, but it does look stunning on you!!!!
  12. Thank you! If only I'd seen the black US before I purchased the black cabas...:girlsigh:
  13. Jennifer I think your decision to return both and wait for the large beige US is a good move. Both bags are gorgeous, but with the Cabas and a new classic flap it will make the wait for the large US bearable.
  14. jennifer, these both look great on you! i love the look of the beige and hope you can find the large beige US. the black US did look a bit too much like the cabas so i think you've made the right choice.
  15. the large black is my fave.....sooo nice!!