Large Ultimate Soft tote.

  1. Can anyone confirm/deny as to whether the price will increase on this bag this fall? I really want one but I'd prefer to be able to wait a couple more months before purchasing as I've already spent quite a bit on bags between May-present.

    I want the large bag that does not have any quilting on it. Thank you.
  2. Try to check it out in person if you can before you buy it. Since the bag isnt very structured & is super soft........ w/ the larger size, your stuff tends to make that particular bag sag in the middle. I know somebody that put a piece of cardboard in the bottom & it helped alot. ;)
  3. Thank you, I'll definitely keep that in mind!
  4. The large Ultimate Soft already went up in price -- it's now showing as $1,875 (or $1,895) at Chanel boutiques.
  5. That is what I was actually expecting it to be... I was just hoping it wasn't going to go up even more. Thank you.
  6. Oh my! I just got it a month ago or less for 1795!
  7. I talked to my SA yesterday in NM and the price is $1795.