large ultimate soft, anyone owns it?

  1. hey, guys,

    anyone here owns a large ultimate soft? I just saw it in the store and wonder why it's a smooth pattern, not like the quilted pattern in med, which i prefer. I wonder if it's always come w/ smooth leather only.
  2. I own one, and yes it only comes in the smooth leather, not diamond stitch pattern. It is an amazingly soft bag, and you should grab it!!! the price is very reasonable. was it 1695?
  3. Is it still $1695 now? I love the bag...
  4. nope, $100 increase. sad.......
  5. booo, how much will it be after fall price increases?
  6. Side question.. is the ultimate soft part of the timeless line? or is it a whole new different line? is the shape of the medium and the large one the same? because I've only seen one shape/type on the reference library=) thanksss
  7. CHANEL labels the ultimate soft as "07C" (the prefix before style #) it means 2007 - Classique, a classic line (meaning not to be discontinued) launched or made for 2007. At least that's what the box on my medium Black quilted ultimate soft says..
    I love it . It's such a great day to night bag. $1475 is a bargain for a Chanel too!

  8. AWWWW love it!!! Absolutanne, is yours the medium? I have been wanting a casual tote and this is perfect. And since it wont ever be 'last season' since it is a classic, I love it even more! and sure the price is a bargain for Chanel!!!

    Thanks for posting the pic!! Anyway, so does the stitches comes off easily like how some people described the expandable? and is it easy to get in and out of since it is zippered AND folded? and does it stay on your shoulder? Thanks and sorry for the many questions!
  9. ^^ pinkcrazy, aww thanks alot! i love my baby to bits.. she was my first chanel purchase.. :love: no problem at all. the stitching DOES NOT fray or come off easily because they are pretty small unlike the Expandable flap bags.. which I hear are problematic. it's easy to get in/out of because it is a ziptop but i leave it open most of the time and the top does flap over like that. I love this bag the only thing is that it is made of lambskin and i wouldn't use it in the rain or for heavy duty wear... i wouldn't think Chanels are made for heavy duty wear anyway...
  10. [​IMG]


    sorry to steal the thread.. the large is VERY VERY big almost as big as the baby cabas. The medium is most fitting for me because it holds alot too, a little more than a Jumbo flap (and that's at its lower capacity because I don't like overstuffing my bags)
  11. I think pictures are always welcome=) thanks for all the pics.. I will get down to Chanel or NM next week (after all the exams are over) and drool...=) I prefer the large size since I think my large bag variety is not much, but I do love the quilting..Does it only come in lambskin? I prefer the more durable calfskin.. What other colors does it comes in? thanks