Large Tracy - good for laptop bag?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm thinking about getting the large Tracy bag that's on sale at NAP right now. Its dimensions are 16x12x5.5, which would definitely accommodate my laptop, and the item description even says it will fit a laptop.

    The question is - do any of you Tracy owners use it for a laptop bag? Or do you carry anything similarly heavy in it? I want to make sure it's tough enough to handle me lugging around a big old laptop all day long.

    The other question - are the handles long enough to wear it over the shoulder? I had been using my red Edith bowler as a laptop bag as it's definitely big enough, but I can't hand-carry it anymore due to a wrist injury, and it doesn't fit over the shoulder.

    So help me obey doctor's orders - clearly I need to get a new bag! Should it be the large Tracy?