Large Taupe Phantom w/ Purple piping or Small Light Grey Croc? HELP!

  1. Lol. Yea my fluo pink mini gets color transfer every time I wear jeans but it's fairly easy to clean since its pebbled leather. Not sure what to use to clean or protect the nubuck.
  2. Love the grey :smile:
  3. I'm really hoping I love it when it arrives. I'm a little nervous about the nubuck leather as I am not familiar with it. Just hope it doesn't feel like suede.
  4. Nubuck is sort of smoother and less textured than suede. It's still very delicate though and certainly not as durable as leather.
  5. I did read up on the nubuck leather. It's supposed to be one of the most expensive leathers to produce according to google but it did say its really delicate. Any tips on taking care of nubuck?