Large Tate - most useful tote ever?

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  1. I bought a black large Tate back in the fall and it has ended up being the most useful tote. It is nylon so I don't worry too much about keeping my lunch or extra shoes in it for work (I live in Canada and walk to work, in boots with salt stains, not pretty). I can also use it when walking to the grocery store as it is quit a bit nicer then the grocery store bags. So I keep cumbersome things in this tote on my shoulder and can also wear a leather handbag, it's awesome. I used it so much I bought another for spring in Dirty Martini, one of my friends is buying one as well so I thought I would share its usefulness with all. Attached is a pic in Dirty Martini in case you aren't familiar with it.

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  2. I have the little black Tate, and I totally agree with you. It can hold so much! I've been using it almost every day for school and for going out.
  3. I just had a baby girl and bought this tote in pink to use as a diaper bag. I ordered it from Nordies, sight unseen so I am hoping it will be functional for my needs as a new mom. To be on the safe side, I also ordered a traditional diaper bag (Skip Hop - Duo) as a "dad" bag since he won't be crazy about carrying a hot pink!!
  4. the bag arrived and I'm on the fence about it. It's HUGE. Maybe it's because my baby is a preemie, I am thinking it's far more bag than I need, but trying to envision it with her stuff in it when she's bigger. Mom's do you think this is too large for a diaper bag? I love the nylon, which is perfect for a diaper bag. So lightweight too.

    The bag is really cute, just gigantic. Should I keep it...will it be functional?
  5. I agree! I have the flouro pink tote in the smaller version. When it's dirty I throw it in the washer. I love it!
  6. As your baby gets bigger, the more stuff you will be carrying. Extra clothing, snacks, bottles, diapers, wipes, etc...

    If it was a reasonable price, you can a bag in the car with duplicate items and carry a smaller bag for things that are needed right away. Hope it works out!
  7. thanks TT....I decided to keep it for that very reason. For now she may not need much stuff but in time I foresee a bag filled with changes of clothes, diapers, formula, bottles, toys, other I believe I will need all that extra room in time. Plus, the pink is so pretty...and the nylon so lightweight.
  8. I'm thinking about buying this in the "fir green" color for fall (I would have to order it online from Nordy's), as a school book tote bag! Does anyone know if it is durable enough for a notebook, some pens and possibly a laptop?

    I'm glad people here like the bag - good know that it's reliable and roomy :smile: