Large Suede horsebit hobo - pictures!

  1. I did a search and didn't see much posted about this bag. I was able to get it during the NM last call sale for 55% off of the original price. :yahoo: I like the color. It's really a bit darker, the picture was taken with a flash. Also, When I tried it on, it didn't feel as huge as the leather version, even though the measurements are the same. I think because the suede is a bit stiffer.

    What do ya'll think? Is it a keeper?

    Thanks! :flowers:
    HPIM0231.JPG HPIM0230.JPG
  2. Love Gucci crest- congrats!
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. Wow!! I love it!! Congrats on your beautiful new bag!
  5. i love that it's unique, congrats!
  6. Thanks, everyone!!!:tender:
  7. Congrats!! lovely bag. i love the interior lining, i haven't seen that lining in the other bags. Very nice!!!
  8. gucci lover - I like the lining, too! Thanks!
  9. Wow...what a deal!!!

  10. Oh my, great bag and great deal. Defintely a keeper.
  11. Thanks for the congrats, y'all! :cutesy:
    DH said he likes it, too, so he's going to pay for it! :smooch:
  12. Fabulous bag!!! Congrats.
  13. Really pretty congrats!
  14. Definitely a keeper. I seriously considered getting this one, but it wasnt 55% when I saw it. it was 1249, more like 30% off. hell yeah, I would get it for your price. I also looooooved the matching toffee suede boots. :drool:
  15. Love the crest and especially the lining. Congrats!