Large Stitching RMs

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  1. What do ya'll think of the large stitching bags from the spring collection?

    At first, I wasn't feeling it and now I am absolutely loving the black with Royal stitch bags and the Red with black stitch bags.

    I think its a nice twist and very eye catching on an otherwise plan Nikki or MAM or MAB.

    I don't see it as tacky or cheap at all, like another poster said. In fact, I used to have two Chloe bags with large stitching like that - so I think just the opposite when I see these (since they were the most expensive bags I've ever purchased).

    I'm curious where the majority stands...

    Here's a link from MOB and some pics:

  2. I saw pink stitching on a black bag (a new take on black cat). I think I like that one best. I'm not too sure about the other colors...
  3. I really dislike it, especially if the stitching is super contrasting. It reminds me of those True Religions with the white stitching on dark denim, tears everywhere, and shiny buttons, and the general types of Jordan-like people who wear them. Totally tacky, not classy, and aesthetically unappealing in my opinion.
    I don't know. And on top of that, it's another thing that could go wrong with the bag, ripped stitches, misaligned stitches, disproportional stitches, etc.
  4. Is the stitching leather or fabric? That may make a difference in the durability.
  5. Hmmm I think I like it!
  6. Looks like fabric to me on the MOB page.
  7. I kind of like it... I like that the strap has the stitching too...
  8. i like it! i think it looks fun!
  9. im a strong no personally.
  10. I like it but would have prefered it was leather that was woven through!
  11. ^ If it was leather, it would be better!
  12. As a side thought, I am also loving these bags so much because everything I've seen as silver hardware.. ALWAYS a plus!
  13. um. no. it completely cheapens the classic CLEAN feel of RM.

    total turn off for me.
  14. I think I kinda like it. But like TGP, I would be worried of the above. I would probably end up snagging the stitching or something.
  15. I'm undecided. . .