Large Stardust Single: PURPLE?

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  1. Does anyone own the Large Stardust Single in purple? I am having the hardest time locating any pics. Please post if you have one!

    Also, can anyone tell me if it is the same color leather as the Purple/Violet Stardust Cecilia? I've seen that one IRL. Are these two bags even made of the same type of leather? TIA for any information. :biggrin:
  2. I do not think that the Large Stardust Single came in purple. The large only came in black, white, and orange for Resort 2009 (according to the reference library) and was not introduced until Resort 2009. However, the regular, smaller sized Single did come in purple for Fall/Winter 2009. Hope that helps.
  3. I think the SS 10 has purple..
  4. or is the OP referring to violet?, if so, it is the same color.
    the stardust cecilia came in violet and purple 2 colors.
  5. Oh I actually just meant anything that looked purplish, not that the exact color was called "Purple." If they didn't make a Large Stardust Single in that shade, that would explain why I can't find pics of one! I think maybe I was thinking of the smaller Single.

    Thanks girls :biggrin:

  6. May I ask where I can find this Reference Library? That would be very helpful...
  7. ^^^
    Ooooh, I really like the SS10 purple Single. It's not Stardust, but it is kinda shiny or something.
  8. That is the Desir line.
  9. the large single did come in violet, the purple-ish color.
    it actually is more to the purple shade than in photos.
  10. Is paradise large single out yet? cant find it anywhere online.
  11. There was the beat bag in purple. Here's a pic I took from the MJ boutique
    The color is a bit bright, since my flash was on.
  12. Thank you so much!!! I would never have known about this one, but it is definitely the one I want now! Do you remember what season this is from?
  13. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is F/W 2009. It's so cute. I love the size and shape of the beat bag too

    Good luck!!