Large Stam or Similar?

  1. I've been scooping around for a Stam, or an MJ that's somewhat like the Stam, as in a patchwork bag with the huge gold chain on it.

    The only Stams i'm seeing are the rather rectangular ones, about 15" in width. I was wondering if MJ ever made a bigger one, perhaps slightly more square shaped, and about 17-18" in width?

    I was looking on the MJ website, and for Fall '07 there was the Satchel, which is the shape more i want.

    anyways, if any of you know anything about a larger stam or the satchel let me know!

    please and thank you!
  2. There is the Large Quilted Tote which is the same width as the stam but deeper(15') so it looks more square:

    And then there is the East West Quilted stam which is wider(17') than than a classic stam, but the same depth I think.
  3. P.S. the regular stams are pretty roomy if your a looking to store a lot of stuff. I think the Large Quilted tote would be really heavy, I mean it's huge! anyone have one?
  4. that tote though is lovely, do you know if it comes in any colors but navy?
  5. IDK. You could check the reference library. I suppose that it could have come in some of the other colors that were offered for the elastic quilted stams etc.

    I guess that would be a Q. for the experts.
  6. Okay, I can't really help you with this thread, but just had to give a shout out at your signature. Imogen Heap ROCKS.